5 Types Of People You’ll Meet In A Muay Thai Gym

As you embark on your fitness journey in a Muay Thai gym in Singapore, you will for sure have a one-dimensional perception of your surroundings. After all, you’re new to this, and this sort of training isn’t something you’ve experienced before.

That’s understandable. You may be full of nervous energy, not knowing exactly what to expect, nor be prepared for the kind of people you will come into contact with and interact with.

However, the newbie jitters will only last as long as you find your gym environment new. The more you frequent Muay Thai class, the more comfortable you will get. Along the way, you’ll find that people around you, although different from each other, will help you progress in their own unique ways.

The Muay Thai gym is filled with different sorts of characters, each with their own distinct personalities. But take the time to get to know each and every one of them is key to being integrated into the Muay Thai community.

These like-minded people all came to the Muay Thai gym to take control of their fitness, so they understand your plight. You’ll find your time training in Muay Thai more enjoyable once you are able to connect with them. Inevitably, these people will also become your friends as you stick together for the long haul.

Today, Evolve Daily details the many types of people you will encounter in a Muay Thai gym.


1) The Aspiring Fighter

lose weight muay thai

You can burn up to 1,000 calories in a one-hour Muay Thai class!

Aspiring fighters in the Muay Thai gym are pretty distinctive, and are just a slight step down from the actual pros. These practitioners have the skills and the focus that will eventually see them transition to the professional stage. They even have the physique rounding out quite nicely. Needless to say, they spend a lot of time in the gym, keeping in shape and sometimes training for competition.

They usually like to concentrate in some corner, working on their skills in solitude so they can concentrate. But they often like to join class too, and interact with other people in their free time.

Other gym-goers look up to them for their incredible discipline and dedication to training. In that sense, they become sort of like role models for other students.

When approached, however, they can be very generous in helping share techniques and insight. That makes their training and competition experience valuable to those seeking this information. You can certainly learn a lot from aspiring fighters.


2) The Newbie

muay thai workout

Muay Thai helps people develop self-discipline.

This could definitely be you, especially at your starting point. Newbies are those who have had just a few weeks of training under their belts. They are slightly more comfortable than someone on their first day, but still, look awkward with their movements.

Newbies are still in the process of mastering the basics, and you’ll often hear them ranting about how intense training is. Coaches and instructors love pushing newbies because it allows them to discover that they actually can perform certain techniques, and that they are stronger than they realize.

Oftentimes though, newbies will work hard enough to exhaust themselves each session. They get stronger as their bodies adapt.

We’ve all been newbies at some point, so we can tell who is new to training and who isn’t. The gym will never lack newbies as Muay Thai explodes in popularity, and more and more people try it out.


3) The Shy Guy (or Girl)

muay thai life

Muay Thai teaches you humility.

A lot of people, especially those just starting out, come to Muay Thai class extremely shy. They rarely ever speak, and choose to stay in the back of the class to keep their awkwardness concealed. Most likely, they won’t talk to you unless you talk to them first.

The shy ones are those who remain focused in training, following the coaches and instructors without compromise. They’re very hardworking in training, and don’t usually question the different workouts and training methodologies. When they do interact with others, it’s usually only for a brief moment, in a soft tone of voice.

Shy people are quiet because they do not know how to engage socially, and they are usually quite appreciative when the local gym community makes the effort to include them. Once they get more comfortable enough, however, they become more relaxed and begin to break out of their shells. They tend to get more chatty and playful once they get to know people.


4) The Friend

mental health smile

Exercise produces mood-boosting endorphins.

This type of gym-goer is the polar opposite of the shy type. While the shy type doesn’t know how to engage socially, these are the ones who do, and they try to make friends with everyone in the gym. These are the people who usually try to approach the shy ones first, and typically end up adopting them into their social circles.

As the name suggests, they are quick to make friends with everyone. Most likely, one of these people will become your very first close acquaintance in the Muay Thai gym. They also relish every opportunity to train together. Muay Thai class isn’t just a workout or fitness program to them, it’s also a social experience.

These are also the same people who will most likely form a relationship or friendship with outside of the Muay Thai gym, bonding over food and drinks after training.


5) You

Muay Thai Beginners

Muay Thai is a full-body workout.

And then there’s you.

You may be just starting out as a new addition to the Muay Thai class, and you’re still getting used to the workouts and the local Muay Thai class culture. Despite having some knowledge of the skills, the proper execution of the techniques is something that escapes you yet.

Everyone’s been here at some point, so don’t worry about being inexperienced. The more you train, the better you’ll get. So be diligent with your classes, do some extra practice at home if you want to, and you’ll soon find yourself leveling up your execution of Muay Thai’s different techniques.

Your regular interactions with the many people in the gym will build you a network that will help you in the long run. Everyone in the gym is typically open to helping others out. That’s the way martial arts works, and is one of the best things about training. Your gym mates will make your fitness journey so much more enjoyable than if you were to go it alone.

So if you’re looking to unleash your greatness and meet amazing like-minded people, give Muay Thai a try!

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