7 Reasons Why BJJ Can Make Your Weight Loss Journey Fun

The meteoric rise of Jiu-Jitsu has made it more accessible than ever before. BJJ is an activity that greatly affects your well-being for the better. Most practitioners do it as a hobby, and that’s a beautiful thing in itself. It also attracts healthy competition, where practitioners can compete in tournaments to test their technique outside their home gym. The cool thing about this art is that you can always stretch your limits and give maximum effort in live sparring without feeling battered. 

Development in BJJ doesn’t have to be balls to the wall every time though. Even one of the MMA GOATs, Georges St-Pierre, believes that the best way to improve is when the environment is playful. 

Today we’ll talk about why training in BJJ can make your weight loss journey fun.


1) You’ll Meet New Friends

bjj weight loss journey fun

Meet new people to roll with every session.

It is common in BJJ to meet new people working towards the same goal as you. Whether it be for weight loss, general fitness, self-defense, or competition, training in BJJ will expose you to people with more or less similar paths to improvement. This makes training sessions something to look forward to as you’ll help each other improve in technique, as well as many other aspects of life.


2) Judgement-Free Zone

bjj students rolling

People from all walks of life are welcome to train BJJ.

You’ll meet all types of people when training in BJJ. You’ll become a part of a group of people with unique backgrounds – all working to improve themselves. Starting a new hobby or interest is difficult and committing to it for a long time is a challenge, especially if you start later in life. 

It is not something to worry about when it comes to martial arts as BJJ can be a safe hobby and can be practiced even at an older age. 

Remember that the mat is your place to improve; the goal is always to become better versions of ourselves. BJJ offers some of the most inspiring weight loss journeys. Keep the momentum going and see the improvements for yourself.


3) You’ll Have a Better Understanding Of Your Body

back mount

Different techniques help you to realize which area you are good at.

BJJ is an amazing tool that will help you understand how to use your body to create leverage to take the opponent down or finish them with submissions. It is important to know how to use your body so that you fully maximize your capabilities and, at the same time, stay healthy and safe. This is an essential concept to keep in mind, as you’ll undoubtedly train with people of varying strengths, ages, and experiences. 

BJJ will make you use the strongest part of your body – the legs. Using the legs allows you to stay competitive even against much bigger training partners. Leg work is also useful when maintaining guard or working the bottom game. 

Likewise, proper utilization of the head is critical, as it allows you to keep an upright posture, which comes in handy when taking the opponent down or when passing the guard. As the famous saying in BJJ goes: where the head goes, the body follows.


4) The BJJ Gym Is A Place Dedicated To Help You Reach Your Goal

bjj drills

BJJ helps you to build goals and achieve them.

BJJ can be tailor-made to help you reach your goal. Although it is not one size fits all, the typical BJJ approach to training can already positively impact all areas that you are looking to improve.

Be it for weight loss, muscle building, or even fighting, training in BJJ will generally help you improve in all these aspects. Please make sure you communicate your specific goals with your professor so that they can be addressed in your training. 


5) BJJ Is A Cerebral Sport

bjj open guard

BJJ helps you to figure out your next move and how to dominate your opponent.

Also known as “human chess”, BJJ is widely known as a cerebral sport. Problem-solving in BJJ never ends. As soon as you try to solve a problem your opponent proposes, another one arises in the blink of an eye. BJJ is about proper timing and performing your techniques intelligently. 

While a big difference in sheer strength may sometimes cover the gap in skill, BJJ is designed to give the smaller person a chance to beat a bigger and stronger assailant. With its many mental benefits, training in BJJ will help you improve your problem-solving skills, especially when placed in disadvantageous situations.


6) A Sense Of Accomplishment

bjj belt promotion

BJJ helps you to continuously improve yourself to become a better person in life.

Experiencing hardship is a critical aspect that will shape you into becoming the best version of yourself. In the modern world, where comfort is easily accessible, difficulties play a vital role in our journey to becoming better people. 

With patience and hard work, you can achieve big things in life. While there are ways to track your improvement in BJJ, such as being able to roll more rounds, not getting tapped when rolling with a more experienced partner, or not having your guard passed, the universal method is progressing in the BJJ belt system.

The mats will always reveal how much work and time you put into your Jiu-Jitsu. With your instructors being there to guide you, they are duly qualified to give you your well-deserved promotion. The feeling of getting your first stripe, as well as changing the color of your belt, will always be unforgettable. Yes, learning never stops in BJJ, but getting promoted in BJJ is an accomplishment most people won’t understand and won’t even dare to try.


7) Relieves Stress

bjj class singapore with female students

BJJ is part of the “destructive therapy” to help you relieve stress.

Physical activity releases dopamine, which is a “feel good” hormone. These chemicals help you feel better when released into the body. Sometimes living the daily grind can be hard, especially when problems come crashing in. Training in BJJ will help decrease your stress levels. Jiu-Jitsu is like moving meditation where you focus on the task at hand and completely forget everything else. Train long enough so you won’t have trouble getting in your “zone”.


Try Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Today! 

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt and former NAVY SEAL, Jocko Willink, says that Jiu-Jitsu is the number one activity he recommends to people to improve their lives. No matter what your goal is, BJJ will help you achieve it. Crush your weight loss journey in 2023, and remember that anything can be achieved if you put enough time and effort into it!


If you have been thinking of giving BJJ a try, we encourage you to check out our nearest gym in your area. Seize the day and reap the many benefits of the gentle art!

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