5 Tips To Keep You Grounded On Your Fitness Goals

Embarking on a new fitness journey is exciting. When we start something new, we’re often full of hope. We have clear goals in mind, and are motivated to achieve them. But the truth of the matter is, it’s a rough, difficult, and trying road. The journey is full of uncertainty and discomfort, and the gym quickly becomes an unfamiliar place filled with unfamiliar faces.

Because of these reasons and more, people have trouble sticking to the plan, and they often deviate from the right track to achieving their fitness goals.

This fitness slump is common, and it happens to everyone, even the most committed. You tell yourself, it’s all in the mind, and try to power out of your predicament. Far too often, however, the inspiration and motivation creep away until it’s all gone, and you’re back to your old, unhealthy lifestyle. You begin to question your decisions, and start to wonder if you should trade in the tiring few hours in the gym for the comfort of your living room couch.

Of course, we don’t have to tell you how important exercise is for the human body. You already know. Exercise is not only crucial to achieving your fitness goals, it’s also the key to a healthier you.

If you’re feeling unmotivated, you’re right, it’s all in the mind. If you need help getting into the correct mindset though, we’ve come up with a few reminders and tips to put you back on the right track.

Today, Evolve Daily shares five tips to keep you grounded on your fitness goals even when it’s hard.


1) Don’t start tomorrow

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Starting on the first day of the next month, or even next week, is just an excuse for you to keep from actually starting. Even starting tomorrow is a blockade. Don’t wait for that special day, when all the stars are aligned, for you to start getting healthy and working out. Start right now. Right this minute. All it takes is for you to flip on that mental switch, and the physical will follow.

When it comes to working out and exercising, every minute counts. You don’t have to go all out, you can actually start with the little things. The important thing is, you’re committing to changing your life at this very moment, and not delaying it another second. Put your game face on and go beast mode, even if that means just saying no to dessert tonight at dinner.


2) Integrate workouts into your routine

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Self-help books say that any habit is built after 21 days of consistent action. Integrate your workout time into your daily routine. The secret to exercise is making sure it fits right into your normal schedule.

The biggest excuse people make when it comes to working out is that they just don’t have the time. Take a step back, figure out how exercising will fit into your schedule, and you’ll realize you have plenty of opportunities within the day to get your sweat on.

The first few days can be a challenge, yes, especially if you haven’t gone to work out for a while. But it will be well worth it. Persevere for 21 days, do it even when it seems like your body just won’t cooperate, and after three weeks, you should have an established habit that will help you be consistent in your fitness practices.


3) Reframe your ‘why’

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A lot of magazines and self-help material will tell you that health and fitness is a lifestyle change, and to look at the long term. That’s great advice, no doubt. But short-term goals matter too. Find something that will force you off the couch and into the gym.

Do you want to lose a few extra pounds to fit into your bathing suit this summer? Maybe your birthday is coming up, and you want to do something for yourself. Or maybe you’re headed to your high school reunion. No matter the reason, even if it’s just a small one, use that to fuel your drive to succeed.

And it’s okay if you don’t look like a supermodel right now. Give yourself a pass. It takes immense effort to look good enough to be on the cover of a magazine. The truth is, only a small percentile of people can achieve those aesthetics. Learn to be comfortable in your own skin as you make changes to your body. Enjoy the process.


4) Find someone to lean on

One of the most important parts of living a healthier life is having a solid support system for you to lean on. Maybe that’s your family cheering you on. But it can also be a gym buddy who won’t let you fall off the horse. Surrounding yourself with like-minded people is powerful.

Working out with a friend is fantastic. You can push each other to run faster, lift heavier, do more reps, and to give more effort. In addition, suffering together means that you can laugh at each other’s pain during those extra-challenging junctures. Having someone who relates to your struggle, that’s crucial to success in the gym.


5) Step outside of your box

Daily trips to the gym are okay at first. You do your programs in one corner, switch it up to include other corners, and eventually, you’ll already have gone through all the equipment and class.

Break it up by trying something new. Whether that’s signing up for a new and different class, or stepping outside of the gym altogether and trying an outdoor workout.

Keep your workout routine fresh by trying new activities. There are plenty of different workouts that can spice up your monotonous routine.

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