8 Most Essential Questions To Ask Your BJJ Instructor

Learning the beautiful art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is as rewarding mentally as it is physically. With each session, you learn new techniques to add to your repertoire, presenting new challenges and concepts that may seem daunting to beginners.


Unfortunately, the one mistake that many beginner students make is that they don’t ask questions. Whether beginners know it or not, instructors are there to not only teach techniques but are also a resource of information. They are there to guide students through their martial arts journey, yet many students still avoid asking questions unless they are prodded.

Curious about how you should approach your instructor? Today, Evolve Daily asks the Evolve MMA BJJ Black Belt World Champions to reveal the 8 Most Essential Questions Every Student Must Ask Their Instructor:

BJJ World Champion and UFC Fighter, Leandro “Brodinho” Issa:
How can I tell if I’m improving?”

Your instructor can help you pinpoint not only your problem areas but also where you excel. They can suggest what you can do to work on them and bring your game to the next level.

BJJ No Gi World Champion and ONE Championship Superstar, Herbert Mitchell Burns:
Why can’t I get the technique right?”

No matter how far along you are in your martial arts journey, there may be some techniques that you just can’t get right. Not to worry, your instructor is there to help fix your mistakes and make everything right.


Brazil BJJ National Champion, Gamal Hassan:
How do you achieve good posture and why is it important?”

Achieving good posture is paramount when practicing BJJ but is one of its most neglected aspects. It not only prevents you from getting submitted but also gives you the opportunity to transition faster. Showing your instructor you are interested in this proves that you are willing to improve your overall performance and not just work on your offense.

BJJ Silver Medalist, Marcos “Ratinho” Santana:
Why did you start training BJJ?”

Nothing’s more inspirational than listening to your instructor’s martial arts journey. How long it took them to get their black belt, the competitions they’ve been through – there’s no doubt that they have some interesting stories to share.



BJJ Silver Medalist, Almiro Barros:
Which BJJ techniques are good for my size?”

Whether you notice it or not, your instructor is always observing your movements and reactions when you spar or drill techniques. He’s seen you go against opponents of different sizes so he knows what works for you and what doesn’t.

BJJ World Champion and ONE Championship Superstar, Leandro Ataides:
How do I prepare for competition?”

Joining a competition can get nerve-wracking and nobody knows it more than your instructor. By consulting your instructor about competition, he can help you form a game plan that will work best for you.


BJJ World Champion, Joao “Teco” Shinzato:
Why am I losing?”

The more we train BJJ, the more holes we see in our games. Your instructor watches over you during training and will help you identify your weak spots. Now, all you have to do is turn those weaknesses into strengths!

BJJ No Gi World Champion and ONE Championship Superstar, Bruno Pucci:
“Am I doing the technique properly ?” 

No one can fine tune your details better than your instructor. With years of experience, his understanding of techniques is undoubtedly adept. He can personally guide you to ensure that you’re doing each step of the technique properly.

Remember, your instructors are always there to help you. However, if you don’t ask them anything, your instructors will assume that you’re doing just fine. They won’t be able to help you unless you ask. So go on, get ready to take your BJJ to the next level and start asking your instructors some questions!

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