Find Out Why Martial Artists Make The Best Lovers In Bed

Martial arts isn’t only about training hard and living by Bruce Lee’s philosophies. Without realizing it, the longer we practice martial arts, the better we become at many things – including sex.

Wait. What?  You might ask: What does being better at sex have to do with martial arts?

Possibly, everything.

Evolve Daily gives you 5 reasons why martial artists are not only badasses in the cage, ring or on the mats – they’re pretty badass in bed too: 

1) They’re dedicated.

The most dedicated martial artists put their heart, body, mind and soul into training. Regardless of which art they practice, they always push themselves to the limit with the singular of purpose of achieving their goals. What’s sexier than someone with intense determination?


2) They have awesome bodies.

All those hours spent in training equals a hard, chiseled body that can’t be achieved by solely lifting weights. There’s no reason to skip leg day, because for martial artists – everyday is using-every-single-part-of-your-body-day.


3) They’re very flexible.

Not only literally, but figuratively as well.  They’re ready to accept whatever life throws at them, work with it and use it as inspiration to get better. This transfers well in the bedroom, in both the literal and figurative sense.


4) They can go on for hours.

Ever wonder how these Muay Thai fighters can go from running 15 kilometers to training for three hours? Or how boxers can go through 12 rounds, punching each other with full force? It’s called endurance, and a key component of success in martial arts. If they can last several rounds without quitting, there’s no doubt that they’ll last just as long at night.


5) They like taking risks.

Who doesn’t like a bit of adventure? Martial artists are all about taking risks. Whether it’s in the MMA cage, Muay Thai ring, grappling mats or a new office, they know that achieving greatness and victory is only 50% of a sure thing.  They’re always opening themselves up to new experiences, not afraid to risk the unfamiliar – why not do the same with their partners?



Instead of choosing whether to be a lover or a fighter, why not do both? Trust us. What you learn in your martial arts class can be more than applicable in the bedroom. All it takes is a little creativity and determination!



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