Here’s The Best Way To Get Your Beach Body

You can feel the warm heat of the sun as soon as you step outside. Its beams are glaring, shining rays of light down on the metropolis. Summer is definitely here, and with the onset of summer comes the perfect time to hit the beach.

Everyone dreams of having that perfectly toned, well-chiseled summer beach body. And why not? The best time to hit the beach is when you are confident in your own skin.

While lots of people are hitting the gym right about now, preparing for that much-awaited holiday to some white sandy beach with pristine clear water somewhere in the world, we thought you might want to mix things up a little bit. Instead of climbing on that treadmill looking to burn off some excess calories, why not train in martial arts?

Martial arts has tremendous health benefits and can get you in the best shape of your life very quickly. Not to mention, it’s an awesome way to get ready for the summer.

Today, Evolve Daily shares Why Martial Arts Is The Best Way To Get Your Beach Body.

1) It can burn insane amounts of calories in a short period of time

ONE Superstar and multiple-time Muay Thai World Champion Sagetdao Petpayathai trains hard at the Evolve Fighters Program.

Martial arts will push you to your physical limit like no other workout has ever done before. To say that it is an intense physical ordeal is a massive understatement.

Martial arts training, such as Muay Thai, can burn up to 1,000 calories per hour. That’s equivalent to two hours jogging on the treadmill or two hours swimming laps in the pool. Conversely, you would have to walk almost 8 hours at a moderate pace just to burn as many calories as martial arts training does.

So you get the point, right? Martial arts training is one of the quickest ways to burn off those excess calories and shed that unwanted fat. If you’re looking to get lean quickly, perhaps in preparation to hit the beach, then martial arts might just be for you.

Sweat it out like never before in the gym and have loads of fun while you’re doing it. Make full use of your arms, legs, and core. Enhance your flexibility, and develop and tone your muscles to become the best version of yourself ever. That’s what martial arts can do, and it can do it very quickly.


2) It hits all muscle groups, even those you wouldn’t normally work out

Ask any Boxing or Muay Thai expert, and they’ll tell you that the punch you don’t see coming is the punch that will knock you out.

Martial arts engages your body’s large and small muscle groups, making sure you burn an efficient amount of calories per minute. Its intricate movements allow you to maintain focus on proper technique, which in turn reaps optimum results in both fitness and weight loss.

In a conventional gym environment, most workouts focus on the common muscle groups that regular exercise routines like to target. Because the movements and techniques in various martial arts are so intricate, your body will get its shock of a lifetime as martial arts will force it to use muscle groups that you never thought you had.

Martial arts is a unique workout because it hits muscle fibers in a completely different way than traditional workouts. When your body is pushed to the limit, your large muscle groups become supported by stabilizing muscle fibers. These smaller muscle fibers will add insane definition to your body.

Not only that, martial arts (or sports in general) is also responsible for engaging your fast-twitch muscle fibers more often than regular workouts.


3) It will reveal abs you never thought you had

ONE Superstar Christian Lee is the youngest member of the Evolve Fight Team.

When we take part in martial arts, we are making a long-term commitment to becoming a better version of ourselves by leading healthier lifestyles. Not only will you be working out and having fun with friends, but you’ll also soon discover that you will become more willing to eat clean too.

Ever hear the phrase “abs are built in the kitchen”? It’s absolutely true. No matter how hard you work out, if you don’t pair your exercise with a well-balanced diet, positive results will take a longer time to produce.

Studies have shown that people who are more physically active eat the most fruit and vegetables, as compared to those who don’t exercise as much.

When you’re eating healthy and clean, and you’re busting it out in the gym with all you’ve got, that’s when those abs start showing up. Get those six packs beach ready. Bring out those washboard abs and get to training in martial arts!


4) It makes your skin tighter and more vibrant

8x BJJ World Champion Michelle Nicolini is one of the greatest BJJ practitioners ever to step foot into the MMA cage.

When you workout intensely, we lose a lot of weight due to the amount of sweat we produce. Now, contrary to popular belief, sweat isn’t just water weight because human sweat is also comprised of your body’s salts, sugars, and tiny molecules of fat.

Sodium, of course leads, to water retention, which in turn makes people look bloated and fat. When human beings consume high levels of sodium, the body tends to retain a lot of water which produces unpleasant, tired looking skin.

Martial arts is such an intense workout that it makes you sweat tremendously, thus expelling all these excess salts. The result is more vibrant and tighter looking skin, perfect for showing off in the bright rays of the summer sun.

What martial arts also does is increase the blood flow in your skin, thus nourishing the skin cells, keeping them healthy and looking good.


Ever wondered why martial artists are all so lean and cut? That is because martial arts will develop your summer beach body to its full potential so that you will end up looking your absolute best in just a short period of time. What are you waiting for? Try it out for yourself!

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