Untapped Potential Drives September’s #WarriorsOfEvolve, Lee Mei Lynn

What makes someone part of #WarriorsOfEvolve? In our view, one key aspect is the desire to improve constantly and the humility to learn from others.

For Lee Mei Lynn, these traits are an integral part of her life.

Within the realm of martial arts, Mei Lynn is a force to be reckoned with. She has earned black belts in three – yes, you read that right, three! – martial arts: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), Kung Fu, and Aikido, on top of 11 years of training at Evolve MMA. She typically trains in BJJ, but also practices Iaido, a Japanese martial art that focuses on being aware of one’s surroundings and drawing the sword quickly to respond to sudden attacks. But Mei Lynn is not content with resting on her impressive martial arts achievements thus far.

Instead, what drives this educator and freelance writer forward is the untapped potential of each day. The discipline and focus to improve and sharpen her skills have led Mei Lynn to always be in search of her next challenge and achievement, describing her greatest achievement as one that is yet to come. 

It is perhaps fitting that Mei Lynn describes herself as a work in progress, but she also emphasizes that no matter what, “I am enough, [and I accept] my own worth and validity where I don’t have to be anything more than who I am.” To this end, Mei Lynn is inspired by people who pursue their passions and beliefs for the greater good, such as Maya Angelou and Jane Goodall. 

Outside of her passion for martial arts, Mei Lynn hopes to one day share her love for teaching and creative pursuits with others. And if she’s not doing any of these, you can most likely find her spending time with her dog Bao.

#WarriorsOfEvolve are not simply focused on attaining excellence within the realm of martial arts. Indeed, they, like Mei Lynn, are individuals who live their lives fully and are always seeking the next peak to surmount. Being the best version of yourself requires one’s inner desire for greatness. If you’re looking to unleash your greatness, why not try it with Evolve MMA ?


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