6 Things To Know Before Attending Your First Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Class

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a ‘cheat sheet’ before attending your first Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu class? Well, you are in luck.

Whether you are planning to attend your first BJJ class or you are still undecided, this article will help you understand what to expect on the first day and ensure that you start on the right foot.

Today, Evolve Daily shares six things to know before attending your first Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu class.


1) There’s No Need To Be Anxious Or Nervous

Walking through the door for your first Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu class is often the hardest part of the entire sport. Take confidence in this fact by knowing once you step onto the mat and meet your instructor and fellow teammates it gets much easier from there. 

It is important to remember that everybody else in your class has had a ‘day one’, including your instructor. Also, the entire class benefits from your attendance and because of this reason the other students and the instructor will always treat you with respect and pay close attention to your learning.

If you are stilling finding that your anxiety or nervousness is affecting you from beginning your journey in BJJ, fortunately, there is a (very) simple fix; bring a friend!

By coming to class with someone else who is looking to start learning BJJ, it will definitely help you relax. However, just stepping your foot inside the door for the very first time is the easiest way to overcome it all.


2) You Do Not Need To Be ‘Fit’ For Your First Class

You should never delay attending your first BJJ class because you feel like you need to acquire a certain level of fitness before doing so. It is almost the complete opposite of the ideal approach.

Rather than being concerned with improving your fitness before attending classes, you should instead participate in the classes to improve your fitness at the same time as learning fundamental BJJ skills.

This point also branches into the idea that people believe they need to lose weight before walking into the doors of the gym. Again, it is counterintuitive to think you need to be fit or a particular weight before learning BJJ.

BJJ can undoubtedly help you improve your overall fitness and help you lose weight, so if these are your concerns you should begin right away!


3) You Don’t Require Outstanding Flexibility

In fact, you can get away with not being very flexible at all.

There seems to be a common misconception about BJJ and the need to have incredible flexibility. Yes, there are some techniques such as Eddie Bravo’s rubber guard that are most effective when you have sufficient flexibility, but there are often small adjustments that you can make to bypass the need for this.

No matter the case, you will find yourself naturally improving your flexibility as you continue to train. Whether due to the additional stretching before and after class, or your body adapting to different positions, it will not be long before you notice dramatic improvements in your range of motion.    


4) Classes Nearly Always Have People Of All Sizes, Genders, And Skill Levels

Bjj First Class

Most people who train BJJ will tell you it’s their favorite part of their day.

There’s no need to be concerned about not having an appropriate partner in your first BJJ class. BJJ classes are almost always filled with male and female students of all ages and sizes. Most importantly, there is likely to be an abundance of other white belts in attendance who are beginning to learn the sport, as well.

This is an especially important point for any female out there who is wondering if they will be walking into a gym filled with muscular 85kg men who have been training for three or four years. That is never the case.

BJJ attracts an incredibly diverse range of students from all over the world. Remember, a significant part of the actual concept of BJJ was the development of a way for a smaller person to defend themselves against a much bigger and powerful person.

If in the rare case you are the smallest person in the gym, you will soon find out that the other people around you will practice techniques and movements with you gently.


5) You Do Not Have To ‘Roll’ With Other People

There is an opportunity for ‘situational sparring’ at the end of BJJ classes in which students are encouraged to practice their techniques and movements in a live situation.

Students and instructors often refer to the sparring element of BJJ as ‘rolling’.

Please know that if you are attending your first-ever day of BJJ (or your 100th), no one will force you to participate in these sparring sessions.

If you would prefer to sit and watch your classmates roll instead to get a better idea of what it is all about, that is completely acceptable.


6) Always Ask Questions

The importance of asking questions cannot be stressed enough.

No matter if it is BJJ, your career, or almost anything else in life, if you are unsure about something you should feel encouraged to ask questions.

Instructors (secretly) love when students inquire about something in more detail. Asking to see a technique or ‘flow’ one more time is recommended if you are still unsure.

Regardless of how you feel when you ask a question, instructors look at those who ask questions as attentive, motivated and analytical.


So, now that you know what you are in store for, there’s nothing stopping you from signing up for your first BJJ class. Sign up below for your trial class with World Champions and start your journey today!


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