7 Reasons You Aren’t Losing Weight

So you have been putting a lot of effort into your weight loss program, you have started working out and even started eating better but you are not seeing the weight come off the way you had planned. Weight loss, healthy weight loss, to be specific, takes time. As frustrating as it may be to step on the scale and see very little change in your weight, you will probably find one of the below to be the culprit.


1) You are not changing it up

A female Muay Thai student throwing an elbow on a heavy bag.

The more you learn in Muay Thai, the more you appreciate the art and the more fun you have.

Sticking to one form of exercise, like just running, could be the reason why the numbers on the scale are not what you expected them to be. In order to achieve weight loss, you need to challenge your body. Why? The more often you do a certain exercise, your body ends up adapting to the same stress placed on the muscles and bones you use. The result: your body plateaus, which means your body has become accustomed to doing the same exercises over and over again.

A female boxer throwing a hook punch during a Muay Thai class.

Martial arts is one of the best ways to add variety to your workout routine.

To overcome this, you will need to jazz up your exercise routine by trying something new. Our suggestion? A martial arts class! Not only will you learn new techniques every day, you will also find yourself putting your will to the test. And the best part is that it will not even feel like exercise!


2) You are not challenging yourself enough


It is important to always step outside of your comfort zone.

When you start to see results, it is tempting to keep on going. After all, it is what got you to your goal. Unfortunately, this mindset will only keep you from taking your goal to the next level. It makes you complacent and could even result in a plateau. You will need to keep on pushing yourself, increasing the number of miles you run, the number of reps you do, the number of classes you attend, if you want to keep on seeing results.


3) You do not believe in yourself

A Muay Thai fighter kicks a heavy bag during a training session.

Throughout the course of a Muay Thai class, you will practice kicks, knees, elbows, and punches.

How many times have you heard yourself saying that you can not do something, or that weight loss is beyond your control? How many times have you convinced yourself that you are a lost cause so you should stop trying altogether? We are our own worst critics sometimes and all these negative thoughts end up affecting our feelings and even our weight! Change up your inner dialogue and think positive. Think about how much you would be able to achieve if you set your mind to it. You can do this!


4) You are not cutting calories

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To achieve weight loss, you will need to consume fewer calories than you currently are. If you are working out, you will need to burn more calories than you consume. You will also need to figure out how to balance your diet with your current lifestyle. Any drastic change in your diet is never sustainable and will, therefore, take you further away from your goal.


5) You are not consistent

A Muay Thai student kicking pads at during training

An action-packed Muay Thai class at Evolve MMA (KINEX) in Singapore.

One of the most important reasons you are not reaching your goal weight is probably because you are not consistent. You probably do not follow a regular exercise routine or choose when or when you watch your calories. Find a sustainable diet and workout routine that you can continue to follow in the long term and not just a few days or weeks. With martial arts, you will learn a lifelong skill that you can keep on working on for a very long time! Famed BJJ practitioner Helio Gracie was practicing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) all the way into his 90s.


6) You do not have support


You can burn up to 1,000 calories in a one-hour Muay Thai class.

Working out and dieting on your own can get boring. Having someone who is on the same journey as you could be a huge help and bring you closer to your goal. Together, you can push each other to stick to your goals and even work out at the same time! If you decide to train martial arts, you will always be surrounded by likeminded teammates who have similar goals– all working to be the best martial artist they can be! And trust us, the pounds will just melt away!


7) You are not drinking enough water

alex silva drinking water

It is vital that you drink enough water, especially if you are exercising.

Apart from hydrating you during your workouts, drinking a good amount of water could help with weight loss. By filling up before a meal, you are less likely to binge while you are eating and also cause you to eat less. Studies also show that drinking water could even speed up metabolism and curb your cravings for sugary drinks, which means fewer chances to consume more calories!


We understand that it feels frustrating to not see the results you are expecting. Why not analyze your current routine and see if any of the above is standing in your way. It is time to make a change, why not start now?

If one of your problems is that your exercise routine has gotten stale, give martial arts a try!

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