7 Signs That You Are A Martial Arts Addict

To some people, a gym is more than just a place to workout. It’s a second home, a place that gives you a warm, fuzzy feeling each time you walk inside. And when you can’t train, it almost feels as if your heart is breaking with each day spent away from the gym. Have you ever felt this way?

Today, Evolve Daily reveals 7 Signs That You Are A Martial Arts Addict:

1) You’re on a first name basis with practically everyone.


The instructors, the staff, the cleaning lady – everyone knows who you are. You’re not just the guy or girl they see every once in awhile, you’re someone they actually know. And chances are, you probably know them pretty well too. After all, who doesn’t know the front desk guy’s daughter’s name?


2) You love your teammates.


There’s a stark difference from the way you feel about your teammates to your friends outside of the gym. Ever since you signed up, you’ve spent every single waking moment outside of work or school inside your gym. Sometimes, you even find yourself hanging out with them after training or even writing on each other’s Facebook walls. It’s a bond that not everybody understands.


3) You do more than one class a day.


Strength and conditioning, check. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, check. Boxing, check. Muay Thai, tomorrow. There’s nothing you enjoy more than spending a little extra quality time honing your skills. After all, you’re always working towards being the best version of yourself possible!


4) You hang out at the gym even if you don’t have a class.


Got free time before or after class? Where else better to spend it than at the gym? After all, your friends are there (see #2), the staff is friendly, the smoothies and snacks are yummy, and of course: FREE WI-FI!


5) You see yourself on the gym’s social media.

Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 4.47.55 pm

You’ve been such a loyal student over the years that it’s no surprise that you occasionally find yourself featured on your gym’s social media. Whether it’s for your outstanding achievements or your overall attitude, you’ve definitely been recognized for your extraordinary efforts. Keep up the good work!


6) You wear your gym’s t-shirt (a lot).


You have no qualms about showing your loyalty to your gym at all. You’re constantly displaying your love for your gym by wearing their t-shirts, shorts, rashguards or even bags with your gym’s name emblazoned on it. After all, you’re proud of your martial arts journey – it’s been a long, hard road and you’ve never given up. Why not be proud of it?


7) You’ve evolved in ways you never thought possible.


You’ve lost weight, you’ve gained muscle, you’ve gotten your level 3 in Muay Thai. You’ve made friendships to last a lifetime and you’ve become more confident – not only with your appearance but also in your abilities on and off the mats. Without realizing it, you’ve become a changed person for the better. Congratulations!

Tell us, which of these qualities do you see in yourselves?

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