7 Types Of Friends You’ll Make In A Boxing Gym

You know the old saying; it gets harder to make friends as we grow older. To a large extent, the statement is true. As we become set in our ways, our circle of friends stops growing.

There is an exception to this rule, though. Learning and perfecting a martial art like boxing fosters friendship, for some reason. There is something about a boxing gym that causes people to forge great and lasting friendships.


Why Do So Many Friendships Form At Boxing Gyms?

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Posted by Evolve MMA on Monday, July 15, 2019

It could be the feeling of camaraderie as you train to exhaustion, only to realize that someone is doing the exact same thing a few feet away.

Or it could be the occasional feeling of shared frustration when you and a fellow gym member are having difficulty executing a technique.

As you keep going back to the boxing gym week after week, you will learn the different personalities and names that go with the faces you train with. Slowly, you will make friends with people with whom you share common goals and shared interests.

Here are the types of friends that you will make at the gym:


1) The Newbie

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You’ve been that person. You remember the feeling of walking onto a boxing gym floor for the first time. Maybe this is you, right now. In which case, the newbie is that person that is walking onto the gym floor for the first (or third) time, just like you.

Learn their name. If you both joined at the same time, this person will be the one you will commiserate with when you face challenges. They will be the point of reference that will help you assess your progress.

If the person joins a couple of months after you do, they become an opportunity for your personal growth. Maybe you’ll click with this person allowing you to become a certain type of friend — the helper.


2) The Helper

A boxing student throwing a cross punch.

Two students training at Evolve MMA (Far East Square) in Singapore.

This person provides a soft landing (sort of) during those first few sessions when the only person you interact with is the instructor. They are the ones who will give you a nod of acknowledgment from across the room. If the person sees that you need directions to some unfamiliar part of the gym, they’ll show you the way.

They will help you master a particularly challenging technique. Although this person will not hover, they will keep an eye on you. The helper will be happy to share useful hacks to improve your training sessions. They will always have a word of encouragement on the days you struggle.

At the end of the day, this is the person who makes you feel at home in a new gym. With time, you and your new acquaintance may become besties.


3) The Technician

boxing workout

Muay Thai World Champion Nong-O Gaiyanghadao training at Evolve MMA (Far East Square) in Singapore.

If there is a friend that can enrich your training and your overall boxing gym experience, it’s this person. They’re all about the process of perfection.

Sparring with the technician is a rewarding experience. They are happy to practice a technique with you until you get it right. This is the person that can help you to pull off the most challenging combinations in perfect form.

The patience of the technician often belies their skill. As you improve, you will come to appreciate just how skilled this person truly is. The fact that this person took the time to drill with you, a relative newbie, will humble you.


4) The Class Clown

Drian Francisco smiling

WBA Boxing World Champion Drian Francisco can always be found smiling and laughing.

There is nothing like a random, off-color comment to get the entire boxing gym laughing. A little unexpected humor improves the mood in a boxing gym and helps to add some fun to rigorous training sessions. You can always depend on the class clown for a much-needed break from the sometimes tense atmosphere of the boxing gym floor.

This is the kind of friend who takes a light-hearted approach to life. You could learn a lot from them. Like how to add a little bit of levity to your life. Or you could be this person, the class clown.


5) The One Who Is Always Up For A Good Time

funny laughing boxing

The friendships made in a boxing gym are special.

They know the best clubs and coolest restaurants, and they can get you inside on short notice. This friend is always good for a fun time. They can create a great night with only a few packs of sports drinks, pizza, and a card game.

This person can enrich your life. You can learn a lot from them. As an example, they are a walking lesson on how to create good memories with your free time, no matter where you are.


6) The Aspiration

boxing class sky

Boxing teaches you to set goals and stick to them.

You want to become this person when you grow up. From the first day that you met them, you got the sense that this individual has their stuff together. This person has a quiet, laid back confidence that puts you at ease. They are happy with how far they’ve come, and they accept their shortcomings, while working to overcome them.

You like this person because they are relatable and inspirational at the same time. They are an exceptional boxer who will readily tell you about how they used to suck at the technique that they now execute flawlessly. They will also tell you about the technique that they are currently working to master.

This friend is a walking reminder that your goals are not a pipe dream. You need to check in with this person when you need a refill of the dogged determination it takes to keep improving.


7) The One Who Will Become A Lifelong Friend

a boxing gym in singapore

The boxing gym brings people from all walks of life together.

Some people are just good at forging real friendships, mostly because they make amazing friends. This is the kind of person who will be there for you through the good and not-so-good times.

Your ‘prospective’ lifelong friend may be a lot like you, with interests that match your own. Or they could be the exact opposite of you, and yet, the two of you somehow click. You will appreciate the loyalty and consistency of this person, both inside and outside of the boxing gym. With time, this person will become like family.


A boxing gym offers a lot more than just boxing. It also offers a thorough fitness regimen, discipline, self-defense skills, and a sense of community. Use the contact form below to set up a complimentary introductory class.

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