7 Vital Fitness Habits You Need To Establish In Your 20’s

When you’re in your 20’s, it can be a challenge to prioritize your fitness and health. After all, you spend a large portion of your time juggling work commitments with family time, your social life and dates – so the last thing on your mind might be your fitness and/or how many calories you consumed during lunch.

However, staying fit and healthy in your 20’s is more important than you make it out to be. You might feel invincible now, but every choice you make matters. In fact, research shows that maintaining a healthy lifestyle in your 20’s can lower your risk of contracting cardiovascular disease when you’re middle aged. Besides that, it has been reported that a great amount of the weight we gain is accumulated in our 20’s.

If you wish to set yourself up for a healthy life ahead, then it’s time to take better care of yourself and cultivate some good habits.

Today, Evolve Daily shares 7 Vital Fitness Habits You Need To Establish In Your 20’s:

1) Find an activity you enjoy

If you don’t already engage in regular physical activity, then it’s time to get out there and try all kinds of activities so that you can discover what you truly enjoy doing! It doesn’t matter whether it’s Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, or running – as long as it’s something that keeps you active and more importantly, something that you love. By engaging in an activity you love, there’s a high chance you’ll be able to stick to it for the long run.


2) Make exercise a part of your daily routine

You can burn up to 1,000 calories in a 60-minute Muay Thai training session.

You know that it is absolutely necessary to shower, eat, and sleep daily. So why not treat exercise the same way and include it in your list of daily essentials? By making your workouts a priority and scheduling them in advance, as you do for those dinner gatherings with your friends, you’ll definitely be able to follow through. Psst! Even going on a 20-minute run or doing some bodyweight exercises beats not doing anything at all!


3) Start strength training

Strength training builds endurance and enhances your martial arts skills.

It doesn’t matter whether you decide to lift heavy weights, do bodyweight circuit training, or anything in between – as long as you’re strength training! Apart from being a great way to build muscle and sculpt your body, strength training can also benefit your overall health because it boosts your metabolism, helps you sleep better, and keep diabetes at bay.


4) Fuel up with nutritious food

Song Ka Yeon from the Evolve Fight Team works on her striking.

Be honest, how often do you indulge in unhealthy food after training just because you felt like you earned it? As tempting as it can be to dig into that pizza after an intense workout, you need to resist and reach out for something that will actually benefit your body. After all, you put in so much hard work at the gym, so it’s only fair that you give your body the nutrition it deserves – be it pre or post workout. When you make it a habit to fuel up with nutritious food, there’s no doubt your body will reap the benefits and ultimately get healthier.


5) Practice portion control

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu enables a small person to overcome bigger, stronger opponents.

When it comes to healthy food such as fruits and vegetables, there’s no issue with consuming bigger portions. However, when it comes to unhealthy processed snacks and sweets, it’s best to opt for smaller servings!

Apart from that, it’s best to eat 5 to 6 small meals throughout the day so that you wouldn’t get hungry and end up overeating or making unhealthy choices when you finally get to eat. What’s more, doing so will keep your metabolism revved up throughout the day – as a result, you will burn more calories.


6) Drink more water

Sparring is a great way to take your training to the next level.

In your 20’s, you might consume more alcohol than you did in your teens. After all, you now have the spending power and more freedom to stay out all weekend with your friends – but the question is, do you drink enough water? Unfortunately, a large percentage of the population doesn’t drink enough water, and we sometimes choose sweetened beverages over water. Hence, we unintentionally drink extra calories and sugar – which can add inches to our waistline over time.

Being sufficiently hydrated will not only enable your body to function better but aid in maintaining a healthy weight and also help your muscles to work well. If you struggle to drink enough water, then perhaps you can start by following these tips.


7) Learn to get enough rest

Boxing is one of the oldest and most efficient combat sports.

We get it, there are so many things to do – especially on those precious weekends! While we’re not telling you to compromise your social life or cancel those dates, we’re here to remind you to prioritize your rest time – because it’s crucial to unwind and of course, get enough quality sleep.

Apart from that, while you might be super motivated and train daily without rest when you first start hitting the gym, you have to remember to schedule a rest day. This is because your body needs the time to repair and recover properly, so you can get stronger and maximize your performance in the gym!


So tell us, which of these habits are you going to pick up?

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