8 Essential BJJ Sweeps: 3 Details You Should Know

In Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, one of the most awe-inspiring techniques a practitioner can learn is the sweep. The sweep can be executed from a variety of guard positions in order to off-balance your opponent. Once he is off his feet or on the ground, you can move to attack for a submission or a more dominant position.

In this video, CBJJ Silver Medalist and ONE Superstar Marcos Ratinho and BJJ World Championship Silver Medalist Thiago “Guli” Kozama show you 8 Essential BJJ Sweeps. These are sweeps that every BJJ practitioner should know and master.


For a sweep to be executed perfectly, one must take note of the following details:

1) Angle – Using angles in BJJ is a must, especially when you want to pull off a sweep. It gives you the leverage you need as you position your hip, feet and torso at the perfect angle to get your opponent off-balance.

2) Timing – Use your opponent’s momentum against him at the most perfect times possible. Try to sweep him in one direction then off-balance him in another direction. You can also wait for him to react and then go for the sweep or you can force a reaction and sweep him.

3) Grips – Never let your opponent get the grips, even when you aren’t playing guard. Once he has the grips, it will be easier for him to control you and pass your guard, preventing the sweep from happening.


Remember, the key to executing any BJJ move perfectly is through constant practice. Drill after class with a partner and try to do at least a hundred repetitions of each sweep to keep it fresh in your memory. Once you’ve mastered these sweeps, you cam use them as transitions to more advanced moves!

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