A Home HIIT Workout That Will Level Up Your Boxing

People are finding creative ways to get a solid workout in during this quarantine period. Athletes, in particular, are having to think outside the box when it comes to their daily workout routines. Of course, keeping yourself sharp by training every day is essential if you’re a martial artist, so you don’t lose the edge despite the slow pace of life these days.

Since you can’t regularly visit the boxing gym, Muay Thai gym, or BJJ gym to get your martial arts fix, the only option is to turn to your home workouts, especially in Singapore, where the circuit breaker is in full effect.

For boxers, now is a great time to focus on strength and conditioning. Conditioning plays a major role in the sport of boxing, in the way it makes training easier, and also in the way it prepares an athlete for competition. Right now, there’s really not a better time to focus on conditioning with all the free time we have at home.

If you train in boxing and want to keep the edge, then you should maybe consider High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).

HIIT is the perfect workout for strength and conditioning, especially for boxing, because it really pushes your heart rate up and forces you to work at maximum capacity for short bursts of time. That means that your aerobic and anaerobic conditioning will be at their peak.

We’ve come up with a short but easy-enough-to-follow home HIIT workout that you can try. It will certainly help build your conditioning for boxing, and will turn you into an efficient athlete.

You’ll want to start by performing three rounds of these workouts, a minute each, taking a 15-30 second rest in between. It doesn’t sound like much, but we guarantee you’ll be exhausted every single day as your body gets stronger.

Today, Evolve Daily shares a simple but challenging home HIIT workout that will help your boxing game.


1) Switch Kicks

Boxing requires a lot of cardiovascular strength and endurance, and switch kicks will definitely help you with that. It’s just a simple compound movement, but one that expends a ton of energy and will no doubt improve your conditioning.

Furthermore, switch kicks target your lower abdomen as well as your hip flexors, which strengthens your all-important core muscles to improve your balance and to help you become more energy efficient.


2) Squat Jacks

Squat jacks are the perfect exercise to add to your home HIIT workout routine. They help you build strength, speed, and also improve your aerobic fitness. Focus on activating and fortifying your lower body, including the glutes and calves, all while still engaging your core.

By targeting the lower body and the core, squat jacks also further improve your stability, which is a total necessity in boxing.


3) Beginner Burpees

The burpee are one of the toughest workouts to perform, and are a great indicator of your level of fitness. If you can do full burpees, then great. But if you’re just starting out with them, beginner burpees will help ease you into the complete exercise.

Burpees will help with your overall fitness, making you stronger and more flexible at the same time. With every repetition, you’ll be engaging your arms, chest, quads, glutes, hamstrings, and abdomen. Because they’re a full-body exercise, they should be extremely challenging when done correctly.


4) High Knees

Similar to switch kicks, high knees target the same area of your lower abdomen and hip flexors. But because high knees offer a faster pace, your cardiovascular endurance will also be improved when these are performed consistently.

High knees are cardio-intensive, and will get your heart rate up quickly, pushing you to the limit. It also helps you improve your balance and coordination, which are essential for your boxing game.


5) Mountain Climbers

The core muscles are so important in a boxer’s conditioning. Having a strong core means you have a better engine, and can manage your energy much more efficiently. Mountain climbers target your core almost entirely, combined with a workout of supplementary muscle groups.

You’ll begin to feel the burn in this workout pretty quickly. It also offers heart health benefits and produces a massive calorie-burning effect.


6) Elevator Plank

The elevator plank takes the regular plank to the next level. Following mountain climbers, go directly into the elevator plank, which now focuses on your core and your upper body.

The chest and back muscles are engaged in this workout, which are essential for a boxer’s upper body fitness. Boxing involves a lot of punching, obviously, which uses a large portion of chest and back muscles. The elevator plank also utilizes the shoulders, forearms, biceps, and triceps, which is great for your upper body conditioning.


7) Shadowboxing

Of course, what boxing workout would be complete without shadowboxing? Shadowboxing is essential for boxers, as it mimics the pace of a real fight and allows you to sharpen your techniques. Use the shadowboxing portion of this HIIT workout as a bit of active rest for you to prepare for the succeeding rounds.

Lightly bounce on the balls of your feet, moving around fluidly, practicing your footwork and movement, while working on your combinations. If you don’t know how to shadowbox, now would be a great time to learn. Multiple-division boxing world champion Canelo Alvarez will show you how.

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