Ack! Are You Making These Post-Workout Mistakes?

If you’ve been taking the time and effort to take care of your body by working out regularly, good for you! We believe that you’re well on your way to getting into the greatest shape ever.

But are you unintentionally committing some common post-workout mistakes? We’re sure you don’t want your hard work to go to waste, so get the most out of every workout by avoiding these mistakes from now on!

Today, Evolve Daily reveals 7 Common Post-Workout Mistakes:

1) Skipping the cooldown

It is important to stretch before and after an intense training session.

Most people underestimate the importance of cooling down after a workout because they often feel that it’s a waste of time. But did you know that cooling down and stretching can actually help your body with recovery?

After your workout, your muscles are relaxed and your body is warm. That means it’s the best time for you to stretch your muscles out! What’s more, stretching can help reduce the muscle soreness you’ll feel the following day, as well as prevent potential injuries.


2) Staying in your sweaty gear


Although you might be tempted to rest in your comfy workout clothes, you should think about how much you’ve perspired and of course, take a shower ASAP!

It has been reported that wearing sweaty workout attire for extended periods of time can lead to yeast infections. Also, when you let perspiration stay on your skin, you’re actually giving bacteria an environment to thrive – and this could lead to rashes or body acne. Eek!


3) Sleeping late at night


Some of us tend to feel more energized after a good workout, and as a result stay up at night. But did you know that this could be preventing your muscles from recovering? This is because your body releases the human growth hormone (HGH) when you sleep, and this is what’s responsible for muscle regeneration.

If you have problems trying to get to sleep, perhaps you should consider munching on some of these sleep inducing foods!


4) Treating yourself to high-calorie food


This is one of the worst ways to waste that intense gym session, simply because you’re eating back the calories you worked so hard to burn! Before you reach out for that burger or pizza after your workout, think about how much effort you’ve put in – and whether you’re willing to let it go to waste. Instead of eating high-calorie food right after your workout, why not save it for your cheat meal?

Psst! It helps to prepare healthy post-workout snacks or shakes and bring them along with you so that you’d be less tempted to go out and get something unhealthy!


5) Celebrating with a post-workout drink


While we believe that it’s worth celebrating small victories such as finishing a good, hard gym session, doing it with alcohol is a huge no-no! Apart from slowing down the fat melting process, alcohol dehydrates your body and prevents your muscles from recovering efficiently.

Instead of alcohol, why not replenish your body with something healthier such as coconut water or good ol’ plain water? Save the alcohol for special occasions instead!


6) Waiting too long before eating


When you wait too long before refueling your body – or worse, skip the meal, you’ll slow down your muscle growth. This is because your post-workout meal is what helps repair your muscles and replenish energy stores.

Another thing that happens when you deprive yourself of food after an intense workout is that you might end up getting so hungry that you end up craving and binging on junk food! So reach out for a protein-rich post-workout snack within an hour after your workout.


7) Not drinking enough water 


As you perspire – especially when you’re working out in a warm environment, your body loses fluid which you need to replenish as soon as you can! So take sips of water in between your workout, and ensure that you’re hydrating yourself after your workouts. By doing so, you’re lowering your chances of getting dehydrated as well as feeling fatigued.


Now that you’re aware of what not to do after your workouts, make it a point to not commit these post-workout mistakes. So you can get the most out of your gym sessions, and evolve into the healthiest, fittest version of yourself!

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