Here’s Why Martial Arts Is The Best Way To Get You Over A Breakup

Have you recently been through a bad breakup? We all know how that feels. Sometimes relationships don’t end well, and what we are left with is a sad state of low energy and poor spirit. But there are many ways to get through the heartache of getting over a relationship that didn’t work out.

It is easy to fall into sadness while feeling sorry for yourself. Many of us have different ways of coping with the loss and rejection, but rather than starting a junk food, TV marathon and alcohol bingeing episode, why not consider how martial arts can get you over something you would rather forget?

Wallowing in your sorrows over a lost love is bad for your health and could easily lead you to letting go of your best self. But you need to act quick. If you can find the motivation to get up and chase the best version of yourself, you just might be able to get over that breakup with ease. Martial arts can help you get from point A to point B.

Feeling the heavy sadness from a bad split? Today, Evolve Daily shares four ways martial arts can get you over a nasty breakup fast.

1) It can take your mind to a more serene space

The best way to quickly get over something you wish to forget is to undergo an activity that gets you to focus on a positive goal.What better goal is there than to get fit and healthy while trying to eliminate all negative thoughts and feelings brought about by your recent heartache?

This is the perfect time to set a goal for the ideal fitness and healthy body you’ve always wished you could achieve. One of the best ways to really get you into a peaceful mindset is through the practice of martial arts.

Martial arts has the ability to keep you cool, calm, and collected, and gives you a sense of confidence you never had before. Visualize yourself looking the best you’ve ever had while getting active training. With every martial arts session, think about how you could transform and re-focus all that bad energy into something that will give you so much more than you ever had with your bad relationship.

Think happy thoughts of how you would end up with those abs you’ve always dreamed of having or simply being able to learn how to defend yourself by learning the basics of boxing, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu or any other form of martial arts you think might be right for you. Martial arts is the perfect way to let go of all your aggression and turn it into positive energy while trying to get fit.


2) You’ll meet new and wonderful people

Meeting new people is one of the surefire ways to quickly get over a bad relationship. It’s not even about trying to find a new love, you can start by just trying to make new friends. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start all over again.

Open yourself to the possibility of meeting people that can give you a fresh view on relationships and one of the best places to meet the right people is at the martial arts gym. Here you’ll find people who are focused, motivated, goal-oriented, and basically share the same ideals when it comes to health and fitness.

You don’t necessarily need to start a new relationship to get over the old one but getting to meet new people allows you to see the world in a new light. It gives you a fresh perspective that can help you deal with your loss better. New friendships open your horizons and give you a positive energy boost that can help you get over that someone in a jiffy.

Furthermore, you’ll make new friends you can keep for life in the martial arts gym. Learning and growing together as you traverse the long and difficult road of your martial arts journey will form unbelievable bonds that will stand the test of time.


3) When sadness takes over, you can take it out on the bag

Yes, you can. Take out all your aggression on that punching bag while losing calories. There is so much anger and resentment coming from a failed relationship that it could easily take over you. But instead of allowing these to eat you up both mentally and physically, re-focus and redirect your energy to punching the bag or working on your technique. The therapeutic effects of physical exercise are unique and irreplaceable.

You might be surprised by the amount of energy you are able to muster while working the heavy bag. Even more, you end up with results that benefit your health rather than having to lose yourself while wallowing in your sorrows.

Learn the basics of martial arts. The art of defending yourself can be the best way to release all the pent-up anger and resentment while learning something new that benefits you. One-on-one interaction through martial arts could help you release negative energy that builds up as you think about the reasons why your relationship didn’t work out. It also teaches you how to protect yourself consciously and subconsciously.

Ultimately, you benefit from the tremendous energy release while learning martial arts.


4) The BEST revenge is looking your best

Martial Arts For A Breakup

Martial arts is one of the best ways to whip yourself into shape fast!

This has to be the best reason why martial arts is the ideal way to get over your lost relationship. Getting fit and healthy while looking the best you’ve ever been in years is the best revenge. For all the heartaches and heartbreaks you’ve ever had to endure, looking good after several weeks or months of martial arts will ultimately result in a better version of yourself. And really, that’s the true essence of martial arts, consistent improvement of yourself on a daily basis.

Use this time to convince yourself that life is so much better with new friends you’ve met in the gym while learning how to defend yourself.

Looking good might be a great motivational factor for trying to get back at your former significant other but know that the benefits will ultimately all come back to you. Relationships are great opportunities for self-growth and transformation and learning to focus your misfortunes to direct you towards self-improvement is the best achievement you could ever hope to gain from a negative experience.


So, if you’re down in the dumps because of a recent breakup, don’t settle with being sad, do something about it. Sign up for a trial class today and begin your martial arts journey, reinventing the new you!

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