Switch It Up! 13 Food Switches To Make Healthy Eating A Breeze

It’s easy to feel intimidated when you’ve decided to make that switch to healthy eating. Admitting your bad eating habits was hard enough and now you have to throughly inspect all food labels and spend extra time examining the menu each time you go out.

We at Evolve Daily feel your pain. Not only are we glad that you’ve made the decision to eat healthier, but we also understand that it isn’t the easiest thing to do. So we’ve made things easier for you. We’ve come up with 13 simple food switches to make healthy eating a breeze. Sometimes, all it takes is a simple substitution coupled with a willing mind!

Here are 13 Food Switches To Make Healthy Eating A Breeze:

Switch #1: Smaller Portions For Large Ones.


Instead of giving in to your grumbling stomach, curb your appetite by having several small meals throughout the day instead of three large ones. This way, you’ll avoid that horrible, nauseous feeling you get after you’ve eaten too much.


Switch #2: Whole Fruit For Fruit Juice.


Treat yourself to a fresh piece of fruit. It provides you with more nutrition than fruit juice, found in the skin and the pulp. The pulp is an important source of fiber, which is often lost in the process of juice making.


Switch #3: Carrots And Celery Sticks For Potato Chips.


Potato chips are often artificially flavored and seasoned with a crazy amount of sodium. Not to mention the amount of preservatives it has in each bag. Substitute your midday snack with carrots and celery sticks instead. They are full of fiber and nutrients and taste great too!


Switch #4: Plain Cereal Or Oatmeal For Sugary Cereal.


Before you reach for that box of sugary cereal for breakfast, think about it for a minute. Do you really want to start your day with something so unhealthy and filled with sugar? Plain cereal is a healthier option or if you want something warm, have some oatmeal.


Switch #5: A Whole-Grain Wrap For Sliced White Bread.


Whole-grain wraps generally have twice the amount of dietary fiber of sliced white bread. It also provides more essential nutrients because of the bran and germ, which are both removed when making white bread.


Switch #6: Spices For Salt.


Cutting down the amount of salt you eat could have a tremendous effect on your health. Large amounts of salt affect your blood pressure, increasing it to the point that you are harming your heart, arteries, kidneys and even your brain. By switching to spices, your dishes will remain just as flavorful without the harmful addition of salt.


Switch #7: Greek Yogurt For Ice Cream.


Although both greek yogurt and ice cream are dairy products, the nutritional benefits of greek yogurt sets them apart. Ice cream is high in fat, containing 15 grams of fat and 9 grams of saturated fat. Greek yogurt on the other hand, contains double the amount of protein regular yogurt has and contains probiotics which help with digestion.


 Switch #8: Stopping When You’re Full For Cleaning Out Your Plate.


Yes, we all grew up to our parents reprimanding us each time we refused to eat all our food. Know when you’re full and stop when you’ve had enough. If you have leftovers, save them for another meal!


Switch #9: Cooking At Home For Dining Out.


When you cook at home, you can control everything from ingredient to serving size. These are variables that often lead to overeating whenever we dine out. Not only are home cooked meals more healthy, they’re budget friendly too!


Switch #10: Having Breakfast For Those Extra 15 Minutes Of Sleep.


Sometimes, we get really tempted to hit the snooze button for those extra few minutes of sleep. Instead of sleeping in, why not start the day with a delicious, home cooked breakfast? There’s nothing like starting the day with a great meal to boost your mood and energy for the rest of your day.


Switch #11: Iced Black Coffee With Non-Fat Milk For A Frappucino.


We’re not even going to go into the details of how bad a Frappucino is for you. Sugar syrup, whipped cream, milk – need we say more? If it’s a hot day and you’re really craving for an iced coffee, opt for an iced black coffee with a splash of non-fat milk. We can guarantee that it’s just as refreshing and satisfying – without the added calories!


Switch #12: Olive Oil And Balsamic Vinegar For Creamy Salad Dressing.


Creamy salad dressing is often loaded with sugar and sodium, which defeats the whole purpose of eating a salad. Create your own healthy salad dressing with olive oil and a splash of balsamic vinegar, add some freshly cracked pepper and you’re set.


Switch #13: Dark Chocolate For Milk Chocolate.


Although both taste equally awesome, dark chocolate wins in terms of nutritional benefits. Not only is it filled with anti-oxidants but it is also lower in sugar and higher in iron and fiber compared to milk chocolate. Make sure you pick those with higher cacao percentages (70% or higher) for lower sugar.


So tell us, when will you make that switch and start living a healthier, happier life?

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