5 Common Misconceptions About Martial Arts

Some people have no clue what martial arts really is. They think that just because they watched all three Karate Kid movies (the classics), that they know everything there is to know about martial arts. They’ve probably also watched one too many Jackie Chan movies, and tried a couple of the moves they saw on screen.

Or maybe you think martial arts is just mindless, violent fighting. That couldn’t be further from the truth. There are a ton of misconceptions out there when it comes to martial arts.

For those who want to try to get into martial arts, whether to learn self-defense or for fitness purposes, it’s a great way to get in the best shape of your life.

Not only will it tone and chisel your body into that of a supremely conditioned athlete, martial arts will also teach you how to defend yourself and the people around you from physical harm.

If you’re interested in practicing martial arts but don’t know much about it, here are a few misconceptions most people have.

Knowledge is power. It’s best to be informed before you decide to start training. Today, Evolve Daily shares five things people get wrong when they first hear about martial arts.

1) It’s All The Same


Most people, when they first hear of martial arts, associate it with punching and kicking. And that’s okay. Striking is a major component of martial arts. But of course, there’s more to martial arts than just that.

Firstly, different martial arts are composed of different striking methodologies. The punch and kick techniques in Taekwondo, for example, are completely different from the ones found in Muay Thai. In martial arts such as boxing, punch techniques differ greatly from any other. There is a myriad of technicalities in each discipline.

One of the reasons for this is history. Different martial arts were developed from different parts of the world. Muay Thai originated from Thailand, Taekwondo from Korea, Silat from Indonesia, and so on.

Furthermore, martial arts isn’t just about striking. Disciplines such as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and wrestling focus on the grappling aspect of combat.


2) You Have To Be Fit

You don’t have to be fit in order to begin practicing martial arts. In fact, most people begin training in martial arts to lose weight, because it’s such an effective workout. Some martial arts such as Muay Thai can burn up to 1,000 calories an hour. It’s that intense.

You can be out of shape when you begin, but one thing is for certain. After just a few sessions, your body will start to change, and you’ll start to notice an increase in energy.

Martial arts has the power to get you in the best shape of your life very quickly. It’s one of the many reasons people are so drawn to martial arts.

Soon you’ll have the physique of an athlete and the enhanced athleticism that comes with it.


3) You Need To Start Young

In martial arts, it takes years of practice to master just one discipline, and the earlier you start, the better. But it isn’t a requirement. You don’t need to be young when you start. Martial arts is for everyone, no matter the age.

You can start as a child, or you can be in your late 50’s. It doesn’t matter. Martial arts is open to all. In fact, the best time to start training in martial arts is the here and now. Making the decision to start training today is the best gift you can give yourself.

It’s time to prioritize your health and fitness because taking care of your body and wellness should be at the top of your list. So don’t use your age as an excuse not to start. It’s never too late to begin your martial arts journey.


4) You Have To Fight

A lot of people think that, by practicing martial arts, they have to fight. Yes, martial arts teaches people how to defend themselves, but it isn’t about fighting. It’s about how to use your physical gifts to protect yourself and those around you.

You don’t have to compete in any combat sport. Lots of people train in martial arts purely for health benefits. It’s a common misconception that when you begin to train in martial arts, that you will soon find yourself thrust into a situation where you will have to fight. That is completely false.

Although, you do have that option. You can choose to compete if you want to. Or you can just train to maintain good health and fitness. It’s completely up to you.


5) It’s Violent


You can burn up to 1,000 calories in a one-hour Muay Thai class.

Contrary to popular belief, danger and violence is not the foundation of martial arts. In fact, martial arts teaches practitioners how to actively avoid danger, ending physical conflict without the need for violence, or at least a very minimal amount of it.

Martial arts teaches us self-defense, yes. But it also teaches us how to be efficient with our self-defense techniques. If you can subdue an opponent with minimal or no damage to yourself and to your foe, that is the best course of victory.

In this way, martial arts is far from violent. In fact, martial arts is practiced in safe and controlled environments, under the watchful eye and guidance of experienced trainers and coaches.


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