5 Of The Least Talked About Benefits Of Getting Fit And Losing Weight

Losing weight and getting fit is something everyone wants for themselves. Whether for health and wellness reasons, or aesthetic reasons, getting fit is a reality for some, and a dream for many. If you’re the type who is willing to put in the work, and do whatever is necessary to reach your fitness goals, you can achieve what you set out to do and more.

Some people, however, need convincing. Aside from obviously looking good in front of a mirror, what else is in it for you? While the focus has always been on looking and feeling better about ourselves, there are so many benefits to getting fit and losing weight. A lot of those benefits are less talked about.

Simply put, getting fit and losing weight has profound effects on humans physiologically. And just because we can’t hit up the Muay Thai gym, boxing gym, or BJJ gym right now, doesn’t mean we should stop working out.

It’s time to discuss the benefits of consistent workout and how they can impact your life for the better. If you’re looking for added incentive to get up off the couch and get moving, perhaps you may want to check out this list. These are areas in your life that may be improved by better health and fitness.

Today, Evolve Daily shares the five less talked about benefits of getting fit and losing weight.


1) Increased Energy Levels

martial arts immune system

ONE Superstar Eko Ron Saptura from the EVOLVE Fight Team training at Evolve MMA (Far East Square) in Singapore.

Any form of exercise, consistent enough, which raises your heart rate and increases blood oxygen level is going to release endorphins (your happy hormones), which, in turn, gives you more energy. The cardiovascular health improvement alone will strengthen your heart and improve your stamina.

Increased energy levels, of course, means we have more fervor and enthusiasm to tackle obstacles and tasks in our daily lives. In fact, many people workout consistently just to prevent themselves from feeling lackadaisical and lethargic, which conversely is a result of the lack of physical activity.

Working out consistently also improves your metabolism, which makes your body energy-efficient and makes you generally feel better overall.

Increased energy levels is one of the first and most common benefits of getting fit and losing weight that you will notice.


2) Stronger Immune System

amir khan healthy habits

Martial arts can help burn fat and build muscle quickly.

It’s no big secret that better health and fitness overall equates to a stronger immune system. Because consistent exercise has a positive effect on metabolism, with improved energy-efficiency, the human body is better equipped to defend itself against pathogens. The increase in energy is conducive to a better immune response.

In a more direct manner, physical activity actually helps flush bacteria out of the lungs and airways, which in turn reduces your chance of catching the common cold, the flu, or other related illnesses. It also increases your body’s natural antibodies and white blood cell (WBC) count.

Having a stronger immune system is so important, especially in these strange and difficult times the world is experiencing. With viruses like COVID-19 out there ravaging the global population, it is best to be properly fortified with a stronger immune system.


3) Less Stress

A Muay Thai student poking her tongue out

A tough martial arts class fills your body with endorphins!

We all go through different ordeals in our lives, on a daily basis, that increases our stress levels. Of course, stress is bad for your overall health. All forms of stress – physical, emotional, and intellectual – can bog us down significantly.

Stress is the human body’s natural defense against threats. Stress causes the body to overproduce cortisol, which is known as the “stress hormone.” It is our natural physical response to the tough challenges we face on a daily basis. It is commonly referred to as our “fight or flight” mechanism.

Getting fit and losing weight means lower stress levels, as all bodily functions improve efficiency. Stress levels are properly managed. This not only decreases dangerous levels of cortisol production, but also puts us in a much better mood with the increase in endorphins.


4) Better Quality Sleep


Martial arts can help you focus your mind.

Have you ever had an amazing sleep after a tough workout? Physical activity is directly tied in to better quality sleep because consistent exercise is known to increase melatonin, the hormone that regulates night and day cycles or sleep-wake cycles. This gives you that beautiful and satisfying rest you crave every night.

An increase in melatonin also results in decreased estrogen production, improved fat metabolism, and reduced cancer risk. For those who are lifting weights and trying to build muscle, melatonin also provides a better environment for muscle growth in your body, partly because it contains antioxidant properties that help reduce exercise-induced oxidative stress.

The fitter you get and with a more-balanced body composition, the better quality rest you will have overall when you shut the lights off. Sleep is so important to the human body, and significant to your overall health.


5) A Shift in Mindset

Hiroki Akimoto training boxing at the gym

Whether it’s training Muay Thai, boxing, BJJ, or lighting weights, your exercise routine should be something you look forward to.

Perhaps the most important benefit getting fit and losing weight has on your entire physiological well-being is a shift in mindset. We’ve all heard how the mind is the most important muscle in the body, and having better health overall will no doubt cause us not only to look good, but also to generally feel better.

The mind is a very powerful thing. Consistent exercise, getting fit, and losing weight gives us a more positive outlook on life as a whole. Your entire daily experience is greatly affected, from your life at home, in the office, or at school. It’s a total shift that happens internally.

Furthermore, consistent exercise has a profound effect on people who suffer from mild depression, anxiety, ADHD, and more. It also improves your memory, brain function, and helps you think clearer.

Physically, exercise increases your heart rate, in turn delivering more oxygen to your brain. This promotes brain plasticity by stimulating the growth of new connections between cells.

So if you’re looking for one of the best ways to get in shape and burn fat, all while having fun, martial arts is for you! Sign up for a trial class to give it a try!

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