9 Reasons Why Mixed Martial Arts Is The Perfect Sport

The term mixed martial arts (MMA) is self-explanatory; it is a sport that allows the use of various martial arts both standing (striking) and on the ground (grappling). Initially created as a competitive stage to determine the most effective martial art, MMA fighters soon incorporated multiple martial arts into their overall fighting style to be more efficient.

Today, MMA is quickly becoming recognized as the standard for sports. Its development as a sport has also made it perhaps the most realistic system for real-life self-defense situations. MMA fighters are also being recognized as some of the best athletes in all of sports with their discipline, life stories, and respect for others as martial artists.

So, what makes MMA such a popular sport? Today, Evolve Daily reveals the 9 Reasons Why Mixed Martial Arts Is The Perfect Sport:

1) It is effective and realistic.


While most martial arts are effective, they don’t exactly simulate all the possibilities of a fight in a real-life situation. The sport of MMA is developed with the intention of making it as realistic as possible. Practitioners utilize a variety of striking and grappling disciplines in order to be effective in every situation of a fight.


2) It can be practiced by anyone.


There have been many stories of school teachers and café baristas finding success in MMA, proving that the sport is indeed for everyone. For example, former UFC middleweight champion and ONE Championship Vice President, Rich Franklin was a high school teacher prior to becoming a full-time MMA fighter. MMA emphasizes on technique and strategy to succeed, making it a suitable for anyone of any size, age, or gender.


3) It is a perfect system for self-defense.


Being trained in MMA will go a long way if the need to defend yourself in a real-life, unarmed situation ever arises. As mentioned, MMA is developed with the intention of making it as realistic as possible, making it perhaps the most perfect system for self-defense as well. With MMA, you will be prepared both mentally and physically to defend yourself both on the ground and standing up.


4) It is an excellent full-body workout.


MMA training is a unique workout that incorporates different routines found in various martial arts including Muay Thai, boxing, wrestling, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and more. With exercises to prepare you both on the feet and on the ground, MMA training is both an aerobic (with oxygen) and anaerobic (short bursts, without oxygen) workout. A typical MMA training session will work every part of your body and help you burn up to 1000 calories!


5) It is perfect for strength and conditioning.


MMA fighters are among some of the most conditioned athletes in all of sports. This is because MMA requires its practitioners to excel in every aspect of fighting; be it striking on the feet, in the clinch, or grappling on the ground. On top of building your flexibility, balance and coordination, MMA will increase your overall strength, cardiovascular performance, and endurance.


6) It will build your competitive spirit.


The sport of MMA was built on competition. Training MMA will help you develop a competitive spirit and will to win. This can help you in other aspects of your daily life as well like at work or school. With this mind set, you will definitely not be someone who rolls over and gives in easily when faced with challenges in life.


7) It is a good way to relieve stress.


It is no secret that sports and exercise relieve stress, but when hitting something and releasing aggression is involved, the effect is much greater. MMA training is a dynamic and fun physical workout that will help you relieve stress while also teaching you a ton of useful techniques.


8) It will teach you respect.


As MMA promotes the use of effective techniques from any martial art, you will learn to respect every martial art instead of judging or comparing them. This will also translate to the way you treat people in real life, whether or not they are martial artists. This attitude will also enhance your learning process in MMA and daily life as well.


9) You will learn the essential skill of problem solving.


MMA is not a one-dimensional way of fighting; it promotes the use of any and every technique available to the body as a tool to come out on top. When you train MMA, you will learn how to work around problems with your strengths and the skills you’ve obtained. Strategy and planning are keys to success in MMA and this will no doubt help you with the problems and obstacles in life as well.


Whether you’re looking to compete or get fit, MMA is without question the perfect sport. The life skills you obtain and the benefits you gain both physically and mentally will give you the confidence to take on life and unleash your full potential.


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