4 Proven Fat Burning Workouts

Thinking about burning off fat and becoming a leaner version of yourself? This article is for you. We will go over some of the most effective workouts that will melt all that excess fat away.

Let’s go over how gaining fat and losing it works. Understanding this process will make it easier for you to reach your fitness goals. Your body is a biological vehicle that runs off the chemical energy in the foods and beverages you consume. This energy is used at every level in the body and it powers all body functions like breathing. That means your body needs to always have an energy source to keep you going. Fat serves as the energy reserve your body taps into when it needs more energy than you have consumed.

When you eat more than you need, the excess energy is stored in your body as fat. The inverse occurs when you do not get all the calories you need from your food. Your body taps into your fat reserves, burning some off for energy. Gaining or losing weight is really this simple.


Getting optimal fat burn from your workouts

Any physical activity that leads to your body using calories helps to burn fat. However, some exercises have been proven to burn incredible amounts of energy in a short amount of time. Here are some of the activities you should consider incorporating into your workouts if you are serious about meeting your fitness goals:


1) Martial arts classes

Martial arts like Muay Thai, boxing, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu burn off calories in a way only a few other activities can match. An hour-long session training any of these combat styles can lead to your burning over a thousand calories. That is about half the number of calories the average person needs daily. This makes it a lot easier to reach a caloric deficit, which is needed for fat loss.

Martial arts classes combined with a low-carb diet can turn anyone into a lean machine. Unlike other workouts that can easily get boring after a few classes, there’s never a dull moment when training martial arts. With a countless number of techniques to learn, every class is different, and you get to look forward to the new things you learn.

Those who sign up for martial arts classes are less likely to get bored with their workout, which increases their odds of reaching their fitness goals. They also get training partners who serve as a support system.


2) HIIT programs

hiit weight loss

High-intensity interval training is one of the few workouts that can match the incredible fat burn you get from training martial arts. These programs utilize a variety of exercises to create fitness programs for people of all fitness levels.

It involves you performing intense exercises for brief periods and getting even shorter rest periods. It leads to an intense workout that burns about 1000 calories for every hour spent in the gym. Just as is the case with martial arts classes, burning this many calories gives you more leeway with your diet. HIIT training also increases your metabolic rate after workouts so you continue burning fat hours after your workout ended.

One of the reasons HIIT training is so effective for weight loss is because it maximizes the amount of oxygen your body consumes as your tissues and muscles go back to their pre-exercise state. The more intense a workout is, the more calories your body will burn afterward.


3) Lifting weights


Going to the gym and pumping iron doesn’t burn anywhere close to the amount of calories activities like HIIT training burn, but it does help with fat loss in the long run. Resistance training only burns about 223 calories per hour spent in the gym, but it builds your muscles over time.

Muscles require more calories to maintain, so your body burns more calories as you gain muscle mass. An intense weight training session also maximizes your excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC), so you keep burning calories at a higher rate after your workouts. Combine weight training with HIIT or martial arts for amazing fat burn.


4) Low to moderate-intensity cardio

Low and moderate-intensity cardio is another effective way to get rid of those excess calories. Intense exercises like martial arts classes and HIIT primarily burn off carbs (glycogen), while less-intense activities like running, jogging, or walking primarily burn fat.

Carb burning exercises still help to burn fat since it burns off calories, making it easier to reach a caloric deficit, but low and moderate-intensity activities burn fat directly as you are performing them. The longer you engage in these activities, the more fat that comes off. Low to moderate activities combined with a low carb diet leads to significant fat burn. Try switching up the activities you perform so your workouts do not feel repetitive.

Aim to make low to moderate activities about 70% of your total cardio. Examples of activities you can incorporate into your workouts include elliptical, swimming, cycling, jogging, running, and walking. An easy way to tell if you are still in the fat-burning zone is to observe your breathing patterns. You should still be able to breathe through your nose and say a few words during your workouts. Slow things down a bit if you find yourself struggling to breathe to maximize your fat burn.


Stick to the plan

The exercises listed above are all you need to burn fat and become more toned. Stop by for one of our complimentary martial arts or HIIT introductory classes for a great fat-burning workout.


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