4 Ways Martial Arts Boosts Your Self-Image

The way we see ourselves as we go through life each day determines how we are able to tackle every obstacle, weather any storm, or confront any of the issues we are forced to face head-on. A positive self-image allows us to project ourselves as individuals who are composed, stable, and attractive. All these qualities come from the manner in which we view our self-image.

In most people, there is a tendency to compare ourselves with others and most often, the grass always looks greener on the other side. We all crave a well-toned physique, and a cool, confident personality. A positive self-image is therefore necessary in order for others to see us the way we want to be seen.

The practice of martial arts provides all the positive, feel-good vibes we need to improve the way we perceive ourselves to be, and in the process, changing the way others view us. And it all starts from within.

There are many ways martial arts training is able to enhance our self-image, and the benefits are certainly welcome. Today, Evolve Daily shares four distinct ways martial arts has the power to change the way we see ourselves.

1) Martial arts makes us more confident

The lack of a positive self-image affects the way we deal with our daily activities. Whether it be in our workplace, at school or at home, the need to present ourselves positively stems from the way we think others look at us. We must realize that it all starts from within.  We must think of ourselves positively first before others can view us as the person we’ve always wanted to be.

Being faithful to your martial arts training routine develops your self-confidence and boosts your self-esteem. This is definitely one of the rewards of regular training. With every achievement and every milestone reached, the amount of positive energy that you generate is more than enough to boost your self-pride.

For beginners, the challenge might seem overwhelming and intimidating, but through the little steps you take each day in training, the rewards are just so gratifying that you may find yourself wanting to constantly improve every single day. This is one of the true attributes of martial artists.

The result is a definite boost to the way your self-image improves. You start seeing yourself as capable, competent, adept, and possibly talented enough that you just might surprise yourself. In effect, you are able to face the world more confidently and more self-assured than you’ve ever been before.


2) It helps with anger management and keeping your cool

Contrary to popular belief, martial arts does not promote or result in a violent or vicious disposition. In fact, most if not all true martial artists swear that they actually become more focused and calmer when faced with situations that trigger anger.

When we are faced with situations that press our buttons, it takes a lot of self-control to make sure that we do not say or do things we would later regret. Anger management is a reality that we all have to deal with. Some of us are great at it, but then some of us definitely have a problem with it.

Because a great deal of martial arts teaches us to always remain in control of the situation and the result, it helps us to remain cool, calm, and collected.

In fits of anger, our self-image suffers a beating. It takes a lot of energy to try to resist any potential burst of anger, but through regular martial arts training, you might find that you are able to control yourself better in situations where you would otherwise be out of control. You are able to face each situation placidly and in a calm manner.

Martial arts doesn’t just work your body. With consistent training, you will find that it also develops your mind and nourishes your spirit.


3) Martial arts empowers us to face our fears

Self-Image Martial Arts

Most people who train BJJ will tell you it’s their favorite part of their day.

Physical strength is a source of pride that bestows us with confidence and allows us to feel strong and healthy. Every single human being should have the ability to defend themselves in any physical altercation. Being physically strong allows us to face our fears head on.

Some of us may have at one point in time been the subject of a bully’s interest. How many times have we cowered in fear after being bullied? How many times have we been in situations where we were confronted by looming encounters that would have required us to use physical force to assert ourselves but were too scared?

Martial arts is a necessity because of the confidence it gives us when faced with situations that require us to defend ourselves. The feeling of security and safety in the knowledge that we are able to handle any situation and control the outcome is invaluable. Martial arts trains us to face our fears whether the threat is physical or otherwise.


4) It improves our physical fitness

We all know that with regular physical activity and training, our bodies are the first to benefit. Concerns about being overweight, having excess flab, saggy muscles, and potbellies, as well as all other physical manifestations of unhealthiness and being out of shape are significantly reduced with consistent training.

Furthermore, the amount of muscle mass in your body is greatly improved and results in more efficient metabolic processes that allow you to burn more calories and helps you to lose weight while increasing your agility and strength.

Maintaining a regular fitness routine through martial arts training delivers an outcome that benefits the improvement of our overall physical appearance. Martial arts is one of the most intense workouts you can participate in, burning up to 1,000 calories in some sessions. It will have you lean and looking your best in a very short period of time. But more than that, it gives us a more positive view of ourselves.

Martial arts helps us appreciate our bodies more and understand what we are physically capable of. It gives us an opportunity to cultivate a more positive body image.


So, if you’re self-image isn’t where it needs to be, and you would like to do something to improve it, give martial arts a go. Take the first step to a new you by signing up for a trial class today.

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