7 Things Only Martial Artists Understand

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a serious competitor or a casual practitioner – as long as you’re a martial artist, there are just some things that only you (and your fellow martial artist friends) get. Well, it’s not always a bad thing, simply because it’s just who you’ve become after you discovered martial arts! And despite everything, you’re still on track to becoming the best martial artist you can be.

Today, Evolve Daily reveals 7 Things Only Martial Artists Understand:

1) The need to stay active even on vacation

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is also known as “The Gentle Art”.

For you, a vacation isn’t a vacation unless you get to spend some time training! After all, you can’t bear the thought of being away from your favorite martial art for too long – which is why you always make it a point to include it in your vacation itinerary. However, when you bring this up, your travel buddies often react with a confused / reluctant expression because they don’t understand why you feel the need to exercise when you should be relaxing!

Fortunately, you always have the option of doing this alone or with your training partners in the gym, sometimes you even extend your trip by a few extra days – so you can fit in those training sessions.


2) Not having FOMO (fear of missing out) when missing out on Friday drinks

The roundhouse kick has a reputation of being the most devastating kick in Muay Thai.

TGIF cocktails and happy hour stopped being your thing once you decided to commit to becoming the best martial artist you can be. That’s why you no longer have to deal with the FOMO you used to have whenever you chose to hit the gym instead of your usual pub. You may not realize it, but each time you make this healthy choice, you’re actually doing your body a favor – simply because you’re burning instead of consuming calories. What’s more, this also means that you’re on the right track to making progress.


3) Having FOMO but still choosing to miss special occasions

It’s important to warm up properly before your BJJ training.

Despite not feeling the FOMO on Friday nights, there are definitely those times when you actually feel it – especially when you have to sacrifice a close friend’s birthday dinner or a date with that cute guy/girl. However, when you remember that you’re doing so in order to be more prepared for that upcoming tournament or to simply get closer to your goals, you know that you’re ultimately making the right choice.


4) Waking up extra early even on weekends

Kickstart a happy, healthy lifestyle for your kids by letting them train Muay Thai.

This is something your friends can’t understand – especially if they enjoy sleeping in during weekends. As much as you previously enjoyed waking up at lunch time, you know that there’s nothing more fruitful than spending that hour drilling and mastering that challenging technique, or going for that morning run. Of course, you still get all the sleep you need, just that instead of waking up late, you head to bed early.


5) Having more training clothes than regular clothes

Brazil Nationals Champion Eduardo Novaes trains hard in preparation for his upcoming fight in ONE Championship.

When anyone takes a peek in your wardrobe, the first thing they would notice is the fact that your training clothes outnumber your regular clothes. Well, since you’re always at the gym, it makes sense to stock up on comfortable workout gear (that you sometimes also lounge around the house in, or even wear out when you don’t feel like dressing up).


6) The joy of digging in to a cheat meal

With so many different techniques to grasp, there’s never a dull moment in BJJ class.

After weeks of eating clean, there’s nothing more satisfying than finally munching on that cheeseburger or pizza. You probably even dreamed about that moment, especially when your cravings got out of control. Fortunately, you have the self control to not overindulge and stay on track, even in the face of temptation – to the amazement of your friends.


7) The feeling of being super drained yet ready to take on another session

Just another fun training session at Evolve MMA!

Whenever you experience that endorphin rush after a productive martial arts training session, you would always feel like you’re up for another session – even after giving your 100% in that previous one. So despite feeling exhausted, you would ironically feel pumped and want to extend your training. After all, you can never get enough of your favorite martial art!


So tell us, which of these things do you relate to?

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