8 Reasons A Martial Arts Class Is The Best Date Activity You’ve Yet To Try

There are many different reasons people decide to attend martial arts classes. Some of the more typical reasons include getting into better physical shape, having a reason to get out of the house, or simply trying something new.

Yet, martial arts classes can be an excellent destination for dates. That’s right, taking your date to a martial arts class is a great way to break the ice. You will also get a chance to observe each other’s personalities in a safe, family-friendly environment.

Let’s take a look at some of the top reasons why a martial arts class is one of the best date activities you are yet to try:

1) Lots of fun

Martial arts classes are lots of fun, and that holds true if you go alone or with a date. You will have a good time getting to know each other better while learning cool techniques. Good martial arts instructors create training programs that are fun for everyone, so there will be little time for awkward silences and things of that nature.


2) Get to know your partner better

Martial arts classes give you an opportunity to get to understand yourself better. It also allows you to learn a lot about the people you train with, both their good and bad habits. If your date likes to be overly dramatic, you will easily notice. If your date is the bold, adventurous type, it will be easily noticeable. Either way, you and your date will know each other a lot better even after a single martial arts class together.


3) A great way to break a sweat

Martial arts are a great way to break a sweat and get your juices flowing. That holds true regardless of if you go to the gym alone or with a partner. Of course, having a partner gives you that extra motivation to push yourself a little harder. It is a great way to build chemistry with each other. All that cardio will leave you both with a healthy appetite afterward. That gives you the perfect excuse to finish up your date with a nice dinner or something along those lines.


4) Social microscope

Taking your date to a martial arts class will also give you an excellent opportunity to observe how your date behaves in social settings. You will be able to observe things about your date you might have otherwise missed in a one on one setting.


5) Serves as a foundation for the future

There is no guarantee how things will go when you take a date anywhere. However, if you both happen to have lots of fun on your martial arts class date, that can serve as a foundation to build on since you both now have a similar interest you can enjoy together.


6) Learn valuable self-defense skills

While martial classes can be lots of fun, you will also learn valuable techniques that might prove useful someday. That is actually one of the top reasons people decide to sign up for martial arts classes, and there is no rule that says you are not allowed to learn important techniques while having a good time with your date. By attending classes together, you also know that your date is capable of defending himself/herself if the need arises.


7) Meet new people

One of the most underrated perks of signing up for martial art classes is having the opportunity to meet all sorts of cool people. Martial arts tend to attract people from all walks of life, so regardless of your personality; you are bound to run into a few people who you have a few things in common with. If things don’t work out with you and your date, at least you will have made a few new friends.


8) Showcase your fitness level

We all know physical attraction is a big part of building chemistry with a date. Martial arts classes give you an excellent opportunity to showcase your physical fitness. It will also give you an excellent opportunity to observe what type of physical condition your partner is in. Just try not to overdo it. You don’t want your date to think you are a showoff, do you?


The perfect icebreaker

While attending a martial arts class might not be the first thing that runs through your mind as far as date ideas are concerned, from what we have discussed above, there are clearly many good reasons to attend classes with your date.

It is an excellent way to get to know a person on an intimate level, you will get a great workout, and, if you both happen to enjoy the martial arts class, you can always signup for more classes together. It is also a unique idea that your date will appreciate, unlike cliché date ideas like going to watch a movie. Your date has likely been on similar dates.

Taking your date to a martial arts class will separate you from other suitors that have their eyes on him/her, while saving you a few bucks.

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