How to Double Your Punching Power

Ask any martial artist, and you’ll learn that most of them strive to deliver a knockout punch someday.

But what is it that makes an explosive punch? Is it determined by how strong or heavy the boxer is? Fortunately, no. You don’t have to be huge or weigh a ton to be able to deliver a power-packed punch, because there are other factors that contribute to the power of your punch. 

Today, Evolve Daily reveals How to Double Your Punching Power:

1) Focus on mastering the technique


Before you worry about how powerful your punch is, you should ensure that you have the technique nailed down. According to Boxing World Champion Yodsanan Sityodtong, proper technique is of utmost importance.

“Refining the technique and getting it right is crucial, as it would be a good base,” he shares. “A powerful punch is the result of good technique. So focus on what you have control over (the technique).”

He goes on to explain that speed plays a part in making the strike powerful.

“Striking at a high speed gives the punch more power, but of course, this has to be accompanied by the correct technique,” he emphasizes. “I’ve knocked out a guy by simply punching with the right technique and speed rather than power.”


2) Build up your core, glutes, and legs.


Strength training plays an important part in powering your strike. We’re not just talking about arm strength, because the majority of your punching power actually comes from your core and your posterior and lower muscles – that’s your stomach, back, glutes, and legs. The more you are able to drive with your legs and rotate with your core, the more power your punches will have.

Some exercises you should incorporate in your strength training for legs include squats with a medicine ball, jumps, and cycling, among others.

“Running is important as well, because when you run, you build your overall fitness,” Yodsanan advises. “This would then help you to have greater energy output.”

Besides that, you should include upper body rotation exercises. This is because when you rotate your shoulders and torso, you produce additional velocity, which translates into a stronger punch.

It has been revealed that Alex Ariza, who is Manny Pacquiao’s strength and conditioning coach, gets him to swing a baseball bat against a heavy bag. Perhaps it’s time for you to start this exercise, too!


3) Punch through your target

Angela Lee defeats Mona Samir via rear naked choke at ONE: Odyssey Of Champions.

Angela Lee defeats Mona Samir via rear naked choke at ONE: Odyssey Of Champions.

One common mistake people make is to punch at the target. But that does not generate as much power as driving your strike through the punching bag, as Bruce Lee once said.

So keep his advice in mind the next time your punch, and focus on driving your strike through the punching bag. Don’t end your punch once it hits the target, but follow through with the movement and aim for several inches behind the target.

Also, don’t forget to use your entire body weight when throwing your punch. Engaging your core and legs while rotating your torso is the way to double your power.


4) Stay relaxed and remember to breathe

jake butler fighters program

When you stay relaxed while throwing your punch, you’ll find that it flows better. This is because tension puts unnecessary weight on to your body, hence restricting your movement.

Relaxing your body while striking not only keeps you light on your feet, but also lets your punching weight propel freely towards your target. This is the driving force behind explosive punching power.

The next time you throw a punch, remember to breathe! Exhaling on impact helps you to relax.


5) Practice, practice, practice


We all know that practice makes perfect. That’s why it is important to make sure you keep drilling and not give up – even when you feel that your strikes aren’t powerful enough.

“Train as often as you can, ideally everyday,” Yodsanan shares. “The more you practice, the more you’re able to build on your knowledge and refine techniques.”

He also emphasizes on the importance of practicing the correct technique.

“Pay attention to the finer details, and always remember to keep your guard up,” he says. “Punching with the right technique would make your movement smooth and efficient; which would then help you deliver an explosive punch.”

Now that you know what makes up a good, strong punch, it’s up to you to power up those jabs and hooks! Remember to combine all 5 points with a healthy diet and adequate rest, and you’ll be on your way to delivering explosive punches!

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