Here’s Why Martial Arts Is Better Than Tinder

People go to great lengths to meet new friends and potential romantic partners. In the advent of online dating and social media, most of us have our faces constantly buried into our mobile phones. And while technology is certainly a great thing, there exists way better methods of meeting people.

Admittedly, social interaction came a lot harder back then, when singles had to hit the dating scene by actually going out there and getting to know each other. Nowadays, a lot of us turn to the internet to find potential new friends and partners. With just a few taps here and there, the internet can find you a ‘perfect’ match. Things have become so convenient that we have even designed mobile phone apps to get the job done.

While swiping left and right on Tinder sounds like a lot of fun, it’s superficial. If you really want to get to know people, you need to get out and experience the world. One of the best places to spend your social time is the martial arts gym.

Martial arts is the perfect alternative to Tinder for whenever you feel in dire need of some social interaction. So instead of grabbing your phone and browsing through a catalog of total strangers, go out and get some real action. By training in martial arts, you’ll unlock a whole new level of social stimulation.

Today, Evolve Daily shares five reasons why martial arts will get your mind off Tinder, and back on developing yourself to be the best you can be.

1) Martial arts won’t disappoint you

Tinder can be quite deceptive. People like to put their best foot forward on their Tinder profiles, highlighting their best traits and pretending to be someone they are not. A lot of times, Tinder can be deceiving, and you only end up disappointed when you finally discover the real thing.

Martial arts doesn’t give you this problem, because no matter which angle you look at martial arts from, it will never disappoint you.

Martial arts is exactly the way it is and never pretends to be something that it’s not. It’s an amazing workout, one that will challenge you day in and day out, and will push you to your limits. After every training session, you’ll be left feeling awesome and in the best shape of your life, rather than uninspired and disenchanted.

Furthermore, you’ll get to meet amazing new people in martial arts training, people just like you who share the same passion for health and fitness. That right there is called building relationships through finding common interests.

Instead of wasting your time, martial arts builds you slowly into the best version of yourself. That’s something that no amount of Tinder posing will be able to get you.


2) It’s more than just a Friday night

Tinder dates usually go down on Friday nights. And while spending an entire evening with someone you’ve just met who may or may not be much fun to hang out with sounds interesting, oftentimes it’s just a complete and utter letdown.

Martial arts is perfect because you can train all week and you’ll never feel guilty about it. You will never feel like you could be doing something better with your time. And if you do decide to hit the gym on a Friday night, it will be the best Friday night you’ll ever have.

You’ll be surprised with how many people you see training on a Friday night. Everyone wants to get in shape, and it’s so refreshing to see people just like you putting in the training time on a Friday night. Who knows, you just might make some new friends along the way.


3) You’ll meet better friends

What better way to make new and better friends than at the martial arts gym? While Tinder offers you just a glimpse of a potential match’s positive physical and personal traits, meeting new friends at the martial arts gym offers a unique proposition.

By training in martial arts together, students develop a strong bond that is not easily broken. You’ll get to know each other on a much deeper level. You’ll learn and grow together, train and develop each other, and you’ll form a lasting friendship that extends far beyond the reaches of the gym.

trying BJJ

The friendships that you make in the martial arts gym are priceless.

These genuine friendships are yours to keep, and they will certainly be way more invested in your personal development than any of your Tinder dates. Hanging out at the gym to meet new acquaintances never sounded more fun.


4) It’s way more fun

Martial Arts Better Than Tinder Song Ka Yeon

Training martial arts in the gym is the most fun you’ll have working out.

Martial arts is the most fun you will ever have with a workout, period. There’s just so much enjoyment in training that practitioners have sung praises of how martial arts keeps you hooked on training with sheer enjoyment.

There are a ton of great workouts out there, routines that will whip you into shape and are very effective. But none offer more enjoyment than martial arts.

Stimulate your psyche by studying the intricate techniques of various martial art disciplines. Learn self-defense and its practical, real-world application. Discover your body’s true physical limits, and how you can surpass them. Martial arts training is an incredible experience, one that will leave you wanting more after every session.

Tinder can be fun too, but not as much fun as learning martial arts and feeling like a supremely conditioned athlete afterwards.


5) It can even improve your Tinder game

Martial arts helps you burn fat while building lean muscle.

Lastly, if it can’t be helped and you have to be on Tinder, then at the very least, martial arts will give you the ability to post a bombastic Tinder profile picture.

Because martial arts is the most intense health and fitness program you will ever experience, it will bring you to the best shape of your life. Martial arts is known to push the human body to its greatest potential, unlocking physical and mental capabilities we never knew existed. After just a few weeks of training in martial arts, you will start to notice major changes in your body and your mindset.

Increase your self-confidence, improve your focus and concentration, enhance every aspect of your life by training in martial arts and reaping its many benefits. When it’s all said and done, and you’ve put in the time and effort into training with a purpose, your Tinder profile will be the hottest thing you see all summer.


Are you ready to get off Tinder and get yourself into martial arts? Book a complimentary trial class today and discover a whole new world of awesome!

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