How To Combat A Pressure Fighter In Boxing

The sport of boxing employs many different flavors of offense. Some boxers are well-calculated and methodical, others not so much. One particular kind of boxer that is notoriously difficult to deal with is the pressure fighter.

Pressure fighters love to throw punches in bunches and usually feature incredible amounts of stamina in order to sustain their frenetic pace for the duration of a bout. The difficulty lies in dealing with this constant, seemingly unending stream of offense.

If you’re not careful, pressure fighters can force you into an overly defensive stance, and you could find yourself either getting overwhelmed or getting outworked.

When you’re faced with this sort of opponent, there is a certain dilemma you face. Do you defend yourself? Or fight fire with fire? Each path has its own risks. But before you make your decision, make sure you’re equipped with the knowledge and skills that will help you.

There is a multitude of different ways to deal with pressure fighters in boxing. Here are a few things you should be working on before you get in the ring with them.

Today, Evolve Daily shares five tips in dealing with pressure fighters in boxing.

1) Utilize the Jab

They say the jab is the most important punch in boxing. It can be used in many different ways — as a range finder, as a knockout punch, as a setup to a combination. One of its most significant uses, however, is as a deterrent.

Pressure fighters need to get up close and personal to be effective. They look to always close the distance and get in the pocket, so they can unleash their combinations. By utilizing your jab effectively, you can keep pressure fighters constantly out of range. A good, strong jab can stop pressure fighters dead in their tracks.

Furthermore, it has a resetting effect, because jabs can throw pressure fighters off rhythm. Next time you’re in the ring with a pressure fighter, use your jab.


2) Lower Your Stance Against Taller Opponents

There are times when you may find yourself in the ring with a pressure fighter who is taller than you. If this is the case, they will most likely own a length and reach advantage. That can prove to be a difficult situation and one that is extremely tricky to deal with.

In order to deal with this sort of fighter, you should either be all the way outside of your opponent’s reach or inside where he can’t put any meat on his punches. Against tall fighters, however, it’s better to get up in their chest and work on the inside.

When dealing with tall and lanky pressure fighters, the ideal strategy is to lower your stance, which makes it difficult for them to catch you. Use their own height to their disadvantage.

Step forward with your jab, and then duck under and work the body, before popping back upstairs.


3) Learn How to Feint

Feints are one of the most effective tactics in boxing. Being equipped with the knowledge of using fake punches to throw opponents off their rhythm is an essential skill. They are deceptive maneuvers designed to force defensive reactions from your foes. By feinting, we are also able to force our opponents out of position.

Furthermore, using feints isn’t just effective against pressure fighters, but against all fighters in general. Feints have similar effect to that of the jab, as it can reset an opponent’s rhythm. In best cases, they can cause opponents to pause briefly and become vulnerable to being hit cleanly.

Set aside time during training, whether in sparring or in shadow boxing, to work on your feints. Mastering the art of feinting increases your overall quality as a boxer.


4) Make Them Miss, Then Make Them Pay

Because pressure fighters love to throw lots of punches, oftentimes in unreal volumes, there are many opportunities to counter. And there is nothing more draining to opponents than when they are caused to miss punches.

Make them miss and make them pay is an age-old tactic in boxing that refers to a counterpuncher’s ability to defend against an attack, and then return fire with well-placed combinations.

It is important to work on your counterpunching skills in order to become a complete fighter. Offense and defense are both extremely essential to success in this sport, and counterpunching is what bridges the two together.

When you learn how to counterpunch, dealing with pressure fighters instantly becomes much easier. So slip your opponents’ punches, and then plug away at them with your perfectly-timed counters.


5) Keep Your Composure

Perhaps the most important aspect of dealing with pressure fighters is keeping calm under duress. Pressure fighters have the unique quality to force boxers into a defensive shell, causing panic and distress. In those split seconds when we’re being hit with a multitude of combinations, we’re faced with having to make important strategic decisions.

It is then of increasing significance in these instances to maintain composed. By keeping a cool head, and learning how to operate under pressure, we are able to make better decisions in the heat of things.

Most fighters train their composure in sparring, but a lot of times, this skill comes with experience. So the next time you find yourself in the ring with a pressure fighter, make it a point to keep your wits about you. This way, you can intelligently defend yourself.


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