The Secrets to Accelerating Your Metabolism

As we get older, our metabolism slows down. And sometimes, we can’t help but feel like there’s nothing we can do about it. After all, we can’t go against the natural body processes.

But before you throw in the towel and go on a junk food eating spree (yes, we fully understand emotional eating and have done it before, too) – hear us out. Because there are ways you can make your metabolism work much harder around the clock.

Are you ready to rev up your metabolism? Today, Evolve Daily reveals The Secrets to Accelerating Your Metabolism:

1) Drink cold water


Besides keeping you cool in the sweltering heat, iced water can also help speed up your metabolism. This is because your body works harder to get the cold water to your body temperature. Hence, burning more calories in the process.

It has also been found that cold water also keeps you satisfied for longer periods of time, because your body is unable to differentiate hunger from thirst. Therefore, you wouldn’t overeat if you drink enough water throughout the day. Of course, you should aim to drink 8 glasses of water daily so as to keep your body running in top condition.


2) Start strength training


Most people have the misconception that strength training would make them bulky. And while it’s true that it helps build muscles, you wouldn’t end up looking like the hulk. This is because strength training builds lean muscles. Psst! These are the muscles that are responsible for increasing your metabolism, as they need more fuel for day-to-day function as compared to fat. That means you’ll burn more calories just from doing daily activities such as walking.

So instead of only doing cardio workouts, why not add some strength training to your gym sessions?


3) Never skip meals


You should make sure you don’t skip any of your meals, because they’re all equally important. It’s crucial to fuel your body with enough food, not only for maximum day-to-day performance, but also to keep your metabolism going!

If you deprive yourself of food, or skip too many meals, you might end up suffering from nutritional deficiencies. What’s more, your body might go into starvation mode. That means your metabolism would slow down, and you wouldn’t be able to burn calories effectively.

Breakfast is known to be a great way to kick-start your metabolism for the day, so if you wish to speed things up, make breakfast a daily priority. Also, you might want to consider munching on some of these fat-burning foods.


4) Stop taking naps 


Although naps can freshen you up in the middle of the day, they actually slow down your metabolism by messing with your body’s sleep cycle – especially if you don’t clock in at least 7 hours of quality sleep at night.

Research has shown that participants who slept throughout the night burned up to 59 calories more than when they did during the day. So make sure you catch those ZZZ’s after the sun goes down, and establish a healthy sleep cycle that you can keep to on a daily basis.


5) Cut down on alcohol 


While it’s alright to occasionally indulge in happy hour drinks with your friends, make sure it doesn’t happen too often – or your metabolism would suffer. This is because alcohol produces acetate, which is a substance that encourages fat storage in your body.

Also, your body would digest that cocktail before any of the food you’ve eaten! Hence, slowing down your metabolism. If you decide to drink, make sure you pace yourself and drink water in between alcoholic drinks.


6) Munch on protein-rich foods


Your body works harder (and burns more calories!) when you eat foods that are rich in protein. This is all thanks to the high thermic effect that protein has.

Apart from fuelling your body with energy, protein also triggers the metabolic process. So make it a point to include protein-rich foods such as chicken, fish, and low-fat cheese in your daily diet, if you want to rev up your metabolism!


7) Spice up your meals 


If you’re a fan of spicy food, then here’s good news: spicy food can temporarily boost your metabolism by about 8% more than your body’s typical metabolic rate. But make sure you don’t eat your favorite spicy dishes too late at night or it might disrupt your sleep cycle!

Now that you know how to accelerate your metabolism, follow these tips to get into the greatest shape of your life!

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