The 5 Most Important Bouts Of Giorgio Petrosyan’s Career

Without question, Kickboxing World Champion Giorgio “The Doctor” Petrosyan is one of the greatest kickboxers in history. His career spans 16 years, and his overall record of 101-2 is one of the most impressive resumes in all of combat sports.

They call him The Doctor because of the incredible precision behind his strikes, particularly in his boxing combinations, which opponents have great difficulty dealing with.

Petrosyan hasn’t lost a match in six years, and he’s now approaching his next potential milestone and championship. On 13 October, Petrosyan will face Samy Sana in the finals of the ONE Featherweight Kickboxing World Grand Prix at ONE Championship’s 100th live event, ONE: Century.

The path for Petrosyan through to the final round did not come without adversity. But like a true world champion, the Italian-Armenian fighter overcame the odds and found a way to win. With a million-dollar cash prize on the line, and the chance to be recognized as the best kickboxer on the planet, a lot is at stake.

Before Petrosyan takes to the ONE Championship cage in Tokyo, Japan, let’s take a quick look at his career thus far. Today, Evolve Daily shares the five most important bouts of Giorgio Petrosyan’s career.


1) Gionata Zarbo – November 2003 – MTA Italian Championship

Giorgio Petrosyan | The Journey To Greatness

Before he became a multiple-time Kickboxing World Champion, Giorgio Petrosyan had to escape his war-torn homeland in search of a better life. The hardships he had to overcome molded him into the man he is today.

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It’s challenging to keep a count of the number of championships Petrosyan has won in his career, but he captured his first major title in November 2003. Petrosyan faced Italy’s Gionata Zarbo, and the ending was similar to many of Petrosyan’s matches. Petrosyan floored and stopped Zarbo in the third round to win the MTA Italian Championship. Petrosyan’s greatness began with regional titles, but global success was coming soon.


2) Benito Caupain – June 2006 – Wins The Kombat League 147-Pound Muay Thai Championship

Giorgio Petrosyan’s Journey To Greatness

The adversity that Kickboxing World Champion Giorgio Petrosyan faced growing up instilled in him a warrior spirit that has made him one of the greatest kickboxers in history. Support Giorgio in the ONE Featherweight Kickboxing World Grand Prix Final on 13 October at ONE: Century in Tokyo!

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Petrosyan upped the ante with one of his next title victories. Competing in the Kombat League in the 147-pound Muay Thai division, Petrosyan showcased even more diversity in his martial arts capabilities. With one of the earliest of his spectacular KOs, Petrosyan laid waste to Benito Caupain in Slovenia with a left high kick. Most of Petrosyan’s significant moments have come in kickboxing, but this win and a few others in his career proved he has the versatility to succeed in multiple disciplines.


3) Andy Souwer – October 2009 – Wins the K-1 World Max 154-Pound Championship

What makes Petrosyan’s career so impressive is his number of wins over other elite competitors. Petrosyan has beaten more champions and former champions than most any kickboxer in the world. One of his biggest wins over a top-notch opponent happened in October 2009. Petrosyan won the 154-pound K-1 World Max Championship with a fantastic performance in a rematch against Andy Souwer. While Souwer managed to go the distance with Petrosyan, he could not do enough to earn the victory. Petrosyan walked away with one of the most prestigious titles in the sport.


4) Robin Van Roosmalen – November 2012 – Wins The Glory Slam Tournament

Petrsoyan’s career has seen him compete for a variety of promotions all over the world. Everywhere he has gone, he’s found the top of the division in that organization. Petrosyan’s time with Glory was no exception. In November 2012, competing in a one-night tournament, Petrosyan blasted his way through three opponents en route to the Glory Slam Tournament championship. While he defeated America’s Ky Hollenbeck, and the Republic of Georgia’s Davit Kiria to reach the final, Petrosyan won a unanimous decision over Robin van Roosmalen to claim the title. At this point, Petrosyan could already argue he was the best kickboxer on the planet, but his career was far from over.


5) Jo Nattawut – August 2019 – Advances To The ONE Kickboxing Grand Prix Final

Like many of the top kickboxers in the world, Petrosyan saw what ONE Championship was building with its new ONE Super Series for their sport. Petrosyan signed with the organization in April 2018 and made his debut at ONE: HEROES OF HONOR.

Petrosyan defeated Smokin’ Jo Nattawut in the main event of that show via unanimous decision. It wouldn’t be the only time Petrosyan faced Nattawut with ONE. Fresh off the second match with Petchmorakot that landed him in the Grand Prix Semifinals, Nattawut was the man standing in his way to the final round. Some wondered how well Petrosyan would perform after a one-month turnaround since his win over Petchmorakot. Petrosyan quickly put those questions to rest when he slept Nattawut with a devastating left cross in the first round. The shot landed square on Nattawut’s jaw.

Nattawut could not make it to his feet, and Petrosyan had registered his latest highlight-reel KO victory. The win also emphatically pushed Petrosyan into the final, where he will have to overcome the motivated, rejuvenated, and lanky Sana. It won’t be an easy matchup for Petrosyan, but with so many wins and so few defeats, who can count him out?

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