WATCH: 5 Tips To Improve Your Muay Thai Clinch (Videos)

One of the most complex aspects of Muay Thai is the clinch. It lets you control your opponent, allowing you to inflict serious close-range damage using your knees and elbows. The clinch can also be used to sweep your opponent, off-balancing them, and give you more opportunities to attack.

Nobody is more familiar with the clinch than multiple-time Muay Thai World Champion Petchboonchu FA Group. He is regarded by many as one of the best clinch fighters of all time. In many of his fights, Petchboonchu utilized the clinch to completely devastate his opponents, using the close-range to his advantage.

Are you looking to improve your offense in the clinch? Today, Evolve Daily shares 5 Tips To Improve Your Muay Thai Clinch:

1) Control your opponent

When you get into the clinch, you and your opponent will spend quite some time fighting for a dominant position. Whoever is in the dominant position has the ability to attack, and hence will control the fight. As much as possible, try to establish a good grip on your opponent’s neck or arm. This will help you defend a sweep or knee and put you in a great position to attack.


 2) Balance

Staying balanced in the clinch is essential. It prevents you from being swept or thrown to the ground. In order to stay balanced in the clinch, you should keep your hips square to your opponent’s. You must also learn how to shift your weight accordingly to prevent your opponent from pulling you down or in for a strike.


3) Elbows in the clinch

Play around with different grips as you attempt to land elbows in the clinch. You can also try to use your arm to frame and set up the elbow.


4) Sweeps from the clinch

The sweep is a great way to off-balance your opponent and take him to the canvas. It needs a lot of good timing and good arm position. To sweep your opponent, you must set it up with different strikes to catch him off-guard.


5) Knees in the clinch

To successfully land a knee inside the clinch, you must have good arm control and great balance. Since all your weight goes on one foot, balance is essential to prevent yourself from getting swept onto the ground. Before throwing knees, you must be locked in the clinch with strong arm control. This makes it difficult for your opponent to escape and easy for you to finish the fight.


There’s no doubt that Petchboonchu is truly a master of the clinch. Observe his posture, foot and arm placement each time he executes a technique from the clinch. Although mastering the clinch might seem difficult, it is always possible with a lot of practice and drilling.

As with all new techniques, remember to practice each move with caution. Should you have any questions, don’t hesitate to approach your instructor!

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