4 Reasons Why Boxing Is The Perfect Workout For Weight Loss

In a world with a growing sense of self-awareness and focus on personal health and fitness, many people are beginning to turn to unconventional workout methodologies. It’s no longer just about hitting the traditional gym where you spend hours on a treadmill or lifting weights. One of the the places more and more people are turning to for results is the boxing gym.

Boxing, as a sport and as a martial art, has been around for centuries. People throughout history have practiced it as a means of self-defense. But more recently over the past decade or so, boxing has emerged as a popular workout.

People are drawn to boxing as a workout because it’s fun and enjoyable, and because it promises drastic improvements to overall health and wellness. For those looking to lose weight and get fit, boxing is just absolutely incredible.

Want to know how boxing can help get you into the best shape of your life? Check out these four points. Today, Evolve Daily shares four reasons why boxing is the perfect workout for weight loss.

1) It’s An Intense Cardio Workout

Boxing Focus Mitts

The boxing gym will become your second home.

Everyone knows cardio is the way to go if you want to lose copious amounts of weight. But simply sweating it out on a treadmill can get super repetitive and very boring. No one wants to spend hours on end just doing the same exact thing. While steady-state cardio can definitely help you burn calories and shave off that excess weight, it’s very hard to keep up because it can get stale after a while.

Enter boxing, the ultimate cardio workout that will engage both your upper and lower body.

Boxing trains cardiovascular strength and endurance more effectively than the majority of the workouts available today. It has the power to condition the human body into an energy-efficient machine. Take one look at the body of a professional boxer, and you’ll see an incredibly lean and cut athlete that is in prime condition.

The intensive and rigorous pad work exercises in boxing, followed by the constant fast-paced repetition of striking and punching techniques is great in developing enhanced aerobic and anaerobic respiration.


2) It Engages The Whole Body


The lessons you learn in the boxing gym will stick with you for life.

Contrary to popular belief, boxing isn’t just about punching. It’s so much more than that. There’s head movement and footwork, defensive techniques such as bobbing and weaving, as well as workouts to develop power and speed. More importantly, boxing is a full-body workout as it engages the entire upper and lower body.

Boxing workouts allow you to stimulate muscle fibers that you have never used before. Which is why after training for a while, you will discover strength and explosion you never had before. This is because most of the muscles used in boxing workouts are fast twitch muscle fibers that are often neglected in traditional workouts.

Furthermore, boxing trains the most important muscle of all — the human heart.

After some time training, the heart becomes much healthier and the human body is able to regulate oxygen much more efficiently, resulting in better energy management. Good, quality cardio is also one of the key components in weight-loss and martial arts provides many opportunities to exercise the heart.


3) Burn Fat And Build Lean Muscle


Boxing will help you build muscle and burn fat at the same time.

Once you begin to start leaning out and burning fat, boxing will show you your prime condition. Soon, you’ll have the body of a supremely conditioned athlete.

After a few sessions, you’ll begin to notice incredible weight loss. Each one-hour session in boxing can burn up to 1,000 calories. That’s a huge amount, and combine that with proper diet, it can really have a positive effect on your physique.

Of course, burning calories and melting fat isn’t complete without building lean muscle. The movements and techniques in boxing, fortunately, allow practitioners to build lean muscle and look extra cut and ripped.

If you’ve ever wanted those washboard abs and that well-defined chest and arms, boxing can get you there. Boxing is an intense workout, one that engages every part of your body. So you can be sure that you are targeting all areas you would like to improve aesthetically.

More importantly, boxing ultimately makes you a better athlete. Boxing is one of those sports that enhances every aspect of your physical capability, which is why many pro athletes cross train in boxing.


4) Have Fun While You Work Out


The boxing gym will soon become your happy place.

Last but certainly not the least, and perhaps the most important, is that during boxing training you will have loads of fun.

Boxing and martial arts, in general, is the most fun you will ever have in a workout. And fun is one of the most important components in a fitness program. If you’re not having fun with what you’re doing, working out becomes a chore and it’s harder to exercise.

Luckily, boxing engages not only the human body but also the mind. Learn the secrets of self-defense and understand the motions and nuances of ‘The Sweet Science’. It’s a mental exercise as much as it is a physical one, and it should keep you interested and engaged for as long as you practice it.


Boxing has many benefits. One of them is losing weight fast and getting lean and fit. If you’re looking for the perfect workout to lose weight and get yourself in the best shape of your life, why don’t you give boxing a try?

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