4 Types Of People You’ll Meet In A Boxing Gym

So you’ve finally made the decision to go out there and join a boxing gym. Good for you. It’s the first step in the right direction to take back control of your life.

Boxing is an amazing martial art for fitness and health, which provides you with workouts that can burn an insane amount of calories for every one-hour session. For those looking to lose weight, you can’t go wrong with boxing, which is why it has exploded in popularity in today’s fitness culture.

As a beginner, however, you may be curious as to how your first day will go, as well as the different types of people you will meet. Being a newbie in anything is a scary and sometimes daunting feeling. We’re here to help you prepare yourself mentally for joining a boxing class.

The people you meet in the boxing gym vary, and as soon as you step through those gym doors, you’ll get to know each and every one of them. Let’s take a quick, fun look at the different characters you will no doubt come across.

Today, Evolve Daily details some of the many types of people you will encounter in a boxing gym.


1) The Office Worker


A student punching the heavy bag at Evolve MMA (Far East Square) in Singapore.

In the early evening, the gym is dominated by a specific population: the office workers. These people are sedentary at work, and as their day ends, they seek to loosen their tight muscles after spending long hours in their swivel chairs.

It’s pretty common for the standard nine-to-five office-goers to visit the gym before heading home. This allows them to break the monotony of the office lifestyle and corporate culture. Most are health-conscious and want to have some semblance of balance in their lives.

As is the nature of their jobs, you’ll rarely find them training earlier than 5 PM, except for the very few who prefer to visit the gym for a quick set during lunch break, or those dedicated enough to come to the gym before work. But from 5 PM onwards, generally, the gym will be full with office workers.

Regardless, this type of gym-goer has a life structured around strict work schedules, and they maintain the habit by following personal timelines as well. This is why you’ll rarely ever find them missing in their designated workout time.


2) The Student

Boxing is also known as the sweet science.

The boxing gym can be frequently occupied by the younger population as well, as some parents send their kids to the gym, both for the purpose of getting some exercise in and for the personal interest of these kids.

Primary and secondary school students are usually found in the gym after class hours, and these kids are particular favorites of coaches and instructors due to their incredible capacity for learning. Kids are like sponges in absorbing knowledge, and they learn and master much more techniques in a shorter amount of time.

This learning capacity can be directly attributed to their boundless energy and obedience to the coaches during training.

Though they can become very playful and disruptive at times, especially when they get carried away, once they’re in order, they do everything the coaches tell them to. Where others may falter due to exhaustion, they simply take a short break and come back just as strongly as in the beginning of the boxing class.


3) The Professional

Professional boxers are admired by all, and are the center of attention when they train. Whether slated for an upcoming match or not, these people are hard at work to keep themselves in perfect fighting condition.

With their single-minded intensity, toned physiques, and fluidity and grace in the execution of their techniques, they inspire other members of the boxing class to work harder. Watching them train is a joy and makes for an engaging pastime in the gym.

Taking great care of their physical conditioning as athletes, their diets and intensive workout regimes give them incredible stamina and a lot of energy. They can be found six out of seven days per week, and can even be witnessed in training twice a day during the competition prep period.

Aspiring professionals are also a common group in the boxing gym, blue collar boxers and executives, athletes traversing the amateur ranks, and people who take the sport seriously enough to work extremely hard during training. You can learn a lot from these people.


4) You

ritu mma

Wrestling Champion Ritu Phogat from the EVOLVE Fight Team training at Evolve MMA (Far East Square) in Singapore.

And then there’s you, the newbie. Since you’re just starting out, you probably still tire very easily and are quite awkward in your movements. That’s okay, every single person you see in the boxing class was you at some point. As you stick to your routine and practice diligence in following the coaches’ instructions, regular and consistent training will soon bear fruit. You will no doubt find yourself getting better each day.

Overcome your shyness and keep an open mind in approaching the coaches and other gym mates for extra help and training tips. Boxing communities are extremely friendly and supportive of their members, old and new alike, so chances are your class will be more than willing to help you.

Keep trying and keep training. Eventually, you’ll gain the skill and adeptness you aim for.

Spending time in the gym with your fellow enthusiasts will become part of your everyday life, and you’ll never want to go back to the life you had before boxing.

So if you’re looking to unleash your greatness and meet amazing like-minded people, give boxing a try!

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