5 Boxing Exercises That Will Get You In Incredible Shape During The Circuit Breaker Lockdown

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced Singapore into a circuit breaker period (and most other countries into their own lockdown period). Because of this, we have had to adjust our usual exercise routines. Whether you’re someone who frequents a regular gym, a boxing gym, a Muay Thai gym, a BJJ gym, or any other type of fitness center, you’ve had to be creative and find other ways to get your workouts in.

Everyone craves supreme fitness and health. It’s the reason we all hit the gym in the first place. But while we’re comfortable in training a certain way, there’s always that next level. We can always push ourselves further past our limits.

Martial artists have a unique method of training that not only allows them to stay well conditioned, but also ensures they are constantly in fighting shape. Martial arts like boxing, Muay Thai, and BJJ have specific energy and fitness requirements. Hence, the workouts and drills are designed to keep fighters ready.

You too can achieve fitness like this if you train like a fighter.

Boxing, as a martial arts discipline in particular, consists of a myriad of interesting and engaging workouts. We’ve come up with a short list of boxing exercises that will help you take your exercise routine up a notch, and introduce you to the world of boxing training, even while you’re stuck at home!

Of course, it’s best to join a boxing class where there are a variety of intense workouts that will help you achieve your fitness goals much faster. But if you want to experience what it’s like to train like a fighter, start with these workouts first.

Take your conditioning to the next level. Today, Evolve Daily shares five boxing exercises that will get you into fighting shape.


1) Shadowboxing

Shadowboxing is one of the most important workouts for boxers, because it’s not just a warmup for the body, it’s also a warmup for the mind. This particular workout is usually done at the beginning of training, to condition the mind for what’s to come, and to prepare fighters mentally for the grind.

Boxers usually go about six rounds of shadowboxing to start off their training. Each round lasts three minutes, with a minute of rest in between. You can use a stopwatch to time yourself, or you can download a round timer on your smartphone. There are a lot of free apps for that.

Shadowboxing can be performed at a loose and relaxed pace, or it can be intense. You can even add weight resistance to your shadowboxing to up the degree of difficulty.

It’s a great cardiovascular exercise that will help get your heart rate up and prepare you for the next phase of training. Best of all, it burns a lot of calories.


2) Jumping Rope

Every boxer knows how to jump rope. It’s another staple workout that boxers usually perform at the beginning of their training session. Jumping rope helps with footwork and rhythm. It’s also a terrific aerobic workout that targets the lower body, and the core.

Jump rope exercises help boxers develop their lower body explosiveness, increase speed of footwork, and improve hand-eye coordination. It also helps with overall balance. Not to mention, it’s a great substitute for running.

The more you jump rope, the better you’ll get at it. And you’ll go from an awkward and heavy pace, to a light and smooth pace that you can sustain for longer periods of time.

As a weight loss and fitness exercise, jumping rope is a total-body workout, so it burns a ton of calories even in a short period of time.


3) Boxing Abs Workout

Home Quarantine Boing Abs Workout

WBA Boxing World Champion Drian Francisco from the EVOLVE Fight Team demonstrates a boxing abs workout you can do at home! #StayHome

Posted by Evolve MMA on Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Boxers have a unique abs workout because having a strong midsection and core is essential to boxing.

If you’re a fighter, you want to fortify your midsection so you can absorb body shots. Boxers no doubt have the ability to take punches, especially to the abdomen. This makes training the abdominal muscles crucial to a fighter’s success in the sport.

Boxing abs workouts feature a variety of different crunches and leg raises that are designed to target all the muscles in your abs. From standard crunches and sit-ups, to bicycle crunches, obliques, Russian twists, and medicine ball transfers, you’ll get shredded in no time.

If you want to achieve the eight pack unicorn that professional boxers have, you need to do these abs workouts consistently. You should do these ideally around four times a week.


4) Agility Ladder

The agility ladder is one of the most unique workouts you’ll ever experience. At first glance, it may seem simple and easy. But give it a try, and you’ll be exhausted within minutes. The more you do the agility ladder, the fitter you’ll get.

Most importantly, this particular workout improves your footwork greatly. It helps you with your coordination and timing, as well as your balance.

You can go out and purchase an agility ladder if your gym doesn’t have one. They are relatively inexpensive. You can even make your own with just some duct tape and an open space in your home.

There are many different footwork drills you can perform with the agility ladder. One thing is for certain however, doing this workout will surely get you into fighting shape.


5) Heavy Bag Workout

Most gyms have a heavy bag for boxing available. You don’t have to be in a martial arts gym to be able to put in a good heavy bag workout. If you don’t have a heavy bag at home, you can try hanging up bags filled with rice, cloth, or sand. You could also try tying pillows or pads to a post and punch them.

Boxers use the heavy bag to train their most powerful combinations. It’s the only way you can put the full force of your fists behind your punches, because the heavy bag is designed to take punishment. This particular workout uses a lot of upper body and core strength.

It’s one of the most essential workouts for boxers.

You’ll need a pair of boxing gloves and hand wraps for this however, so make sure you’re geared up before you start. Similar to your shadowboxing, you should use a round timer app and perform around six rounds of three minutes each, with a minute of rest in between.

Your arms and shoulders will surely be sore after a good heavy bag workout.

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