7 Fun Things To Do With Your Date on Valentine’s Day in Singapore

With less than a month to Valentine’s Day, we’re pretty sure some of you might be racking your brains to figure out what to do with your special someone besides the usual dinner and movie.

If you’re out of ideas and don’t have any plans yet, why not try something new to spice up your relationship! All of us at Evolve Daily know that some of you want to make this V-day the most awesome/epic/romantic one for your sweetheart. So we’ve compiled a list of date ideas to help you out!

Today, Evolve Daily shares 7 Fun Things To Do With Your Date on Valentine’s Day in Singapore:


1) For The Sporty Couple: Have A Water Pedal Bike Race


Take your date to the Water Sports Centre at Singapore Sports Hub and get ready for a splashing good time with your pedal bikes! You can choose between a solo bike and a twin bike, depending on whether you wish to pedal together with your significant other or race against him/her.

Psst! We think it would be more exciting to race against each other. Loser will have to buy the winner dinner!


2) For The Artsy Couple: Immerse Yourselves In Art And Culture

If your other half is an art fanatic, spend a relaxing day appreciating art exhibits with him/her at the newly opened National Gallery Singapore. With close to 400 works of art (in just 1 of its 5 galleries!) to take in, we’re sure this would be an eye-opening date!

After that, end the day with a romantic meal at one of the nearby restaurants.


3) For The Thrill-Seeking Couple: Tackle The Scariest Rollercoaster Rides


Kidnap your special someone and bring him/her to Universal Studios Singapore for a fun-filled date! Experience your favorite blockbuster films by exploring the 7 different zones and of course, enjoy the various rides. If you and your date are daredevils, then get your hearts racing with the rollercoaster rides!

Want to sweeten this exciting date? Then don’t miss the fireworks show at 9:30 p.m. This happens only on Saturdays, so be sure to plan for it!


4) For The Nature-Loving Couple: Chase The Sunset (Or Catch Sunrise)


There’s something breathtakingly magical about sunsets, and that’s why we think it’s worth chasing, especially when you’re with your favorite person! So get away from the city crowd, and take a hike up the iconic Mount Faber or cycle at Punggol Waterway Park (be sure to head to the Jewel Bridge!) and catch the gorgeous sunset.

If you don’t manage to catch sunset, you can always get a bottle of champagne and some finger food to have a romantic picnic under the stars; or stay up all night and try to catch sunrise together!


5) For The Foodie Couple: Cook A Delicious Meal Together


Instead of cooking for your sweetheart, why not prepare a meal from scratch together with him/her? We think this would be a fun way to bond, and the best part is that you’d both get to eat your delicious creation after!

In the event that your home-cooked meal turns out to be not-so-yummy, you can always bring your date out and tickle your taste buds with a hearty, healthy dinner.


6) For The Adventurous Couple: Explore A Place You Haven’t Visited (Or Rediscover A Place You Haven’t Been To In Awhile!)


Be a tourist with your special someone and head to an area of Singapore that you haven’t been to before! With so many options such as the newly opened Coney Island Park, S.E.A Aquarium, and Gardens by the Bay, among others; you’ll definitely be able to find a place to explore.

Psst! Spice things up with a romantic movie under the stars or be serenaded by some local artistes with this special V-Day event at Gardens by the Bay!


7) For The Awesome Singletons: Celebrate Singlehood With Some Drinks!


Singletons, we haven’t forgotten about you! Congratulations on not having to worry about how to impress your date on V-Day. Instead of fretting about what to wear or do, why not just treat yourself to a shopping spree or paint the town red with your friends!

The fun doesn’t have to end on V-Day. Why not take your relationship to greater heights by training martial arts together? We believe that it’s the secret to keeping things exciting with your significant other. After all, a couple that kicks together, sticks together!


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