Essential Items All Martial Artists Need For Success

So, you’re finally at the gym and you’re ready to start training. You open your bag and alas, you forgot to bring your BJJ belt. Instead of scrambling around, asking for a spare belt or forking out the extra cash to rent one, why not make a checklist of all the essential items you’ll need for training?

Whether you’re someone who’s just started training martial arts or an advanced martial artist, you’ll need this list of items to get through any training day.

Here is Evolve Daily’s List Of Essential Items All Martial Artists Need For Success:

Training Gear

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

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Gi: For any BJJ practitioner, the BJJ gi is worn as armor to protect oneself from the most gruelling BJJ classes. It is often made of a thick cotton weave material that absorbs sweat. Make sure your gi is actually for BJJ, not Taekwondo or Judo. The sleeve length of a BJJ gi is usually longer, with thicker collars and cuffs for grips.

Belt: The BJJ belt comes in 6 colors, grouped according to levels of experience.

Rashguard: The rashguard provides protection against the friction you get from rolling on the mats. Some types of rashguards are known to absorb sweat.


Muay Thai / Boxing

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Muay Thai shorts and t-shirt/rashguard: Muay Thai is a highly cardio-based sport, and is also known as the art of 8 limbs. Thus, your arms, legs, knees, and elbows must be able to move without restriction, for maximum efficiency and strength in your strikes. Same goes for Boxing.

Prajead band: The prajead band is awarded to experienced Muay Thai practitioners; it comes in several colors, grouped according to experience level.

Handwraps: Protect your hands and wrists from your hardest punches by wrapping them properly with handwraps.

Gloves: Usually made from leather, gloves are designed to cushion your hands from impact on the bags or mitts. They come in a range of weights, lighter ones are used for actual competition while heavier gloves are used for training or sparring.

Groin cup: A groin cup is essential for all male martial artists. It is a key safety precaution against any accidental contact to the family jewels!

Boxing shoes: For boxing aficionados, boxing shoes are a must. It helps with strong footwork and pivoting.


MMA / Wrestling

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MMA shorts/spats/Vale Tudo shorts: Whether you choose to wear Vale Tudo shorts, spats or MMA shorts, make sure that they allow enough room for different kinds of movements and won’t ride up when you’re grappling on the ground.

T-shirt/Rashguard: Just like in BJJ, the t-shirt or rashguard you wear for MMA provides protection against friction as you grapple on the mats or get out or secure a clinch.

MMA gloves: Usually made with leather, MMA gloves are designed to cushion your hands from impact as well as allow you to grapple with freedom on the ground.

Handwraps: Protect your hands and wrists from your hardest punches by wrapping them properly with handwraps.

Headgear: Contrary to its name, headgear protects the ears of the Wrestling or BJJ practitioner from developing bruises and/or scarring.

Wrestling shoes: These shoes are used by wrestlers to provide ankle support and cushioning and are usually in a high-top design.

Mouthguard: If you’re planning on joining the BJJ purple class or Muay Thai/ Boxing sparring classes, you’ll definitely need a mouthguard to protect your teeth, arches, lips and gums. While it is just a safety precaution, it is always best to be safe than sorry.

Athletic tape: This multi-purpose tape can be used to tape up injuries, support joints and prevent injuries from occurring.

Groin cup: A groin cup is essential for all male martial artists. It is a key safety precaution against any accidental contact to the family jewels!




Nail cutter: Be a good sparring partner and keep your nails short to prevent scratching. If you can’t remember to cut your nails before training, keep a nail cutter in your bag.

Deodorant stick: Nobody likes unpleasant odors and practicing martial arts can work up quite a sweat. Keep a deodorant stick handy to stay fresh during classes!

Change of clothes: After you’ve showered, change into a fresh set of clothes – nothing feels (and smells) worse than wearing your sweaty gym clothes all day.

Plastic bag: Put your used clothes into a plastic bag after you train. It will help to prevent odors and also serve as a reminder when you get home to put the clothes for laundry.



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Water bottle: Keep yourself hydrated throughout your classes by keeping a water bottle on hand.

Energy bar: Get an extra boost of energy when you can’t fit in time for a meal with an energy bar. You won’t feel as sluggish as you would if you had eaten a big meal.

Shaker bottle for protein: Want to train the next day? Take some protein after class – it will help rebuild muscles you’ve broken down during your workout.



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Notebook: Stay on track with your progress by taking notes. It’s also a great way to look back at past lessons, in case there are some details you’ve forgotten.

Timer: Although your gym may be filled with clocks and timers, having your own is great if you want to drill before and after class!

Another pair of underwear: Sometimes, we can be forgetful – and going home without underwear isn’t the best feeling in the world. You can prevent this from ever happening again by always keeping a spare set of underwear in your gym bag!

Martial arts gym bag: An oversized gym bag for martial arts is a must! Keep everything in one place and never get caught short in any situation.


Although these items may seem like a lot, there’s no doubt that they’ll provide that reassurance you’ll need to ensure nothing but success and safety. Take it from us – being overly prepared is better than showing up empty handed!

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