Here’s How Martial Arts Helps You Develop Grit

In today’s day and age, life has become a lot more convenient. Due to various advances in technology and government, we have become pampered with simplified tasks — a lot of which have been automated. Simply going to work or school now is less of a chore than it was even just a decade ago. Access to education, healthcare, and knowledge is at the tip of our fingers.

Gone are the difficulties of yesteryear when people had to struggle with various challenges in everyday life. People of older generations may recall the hardships, but citizens of the new age have definitely had it easier thus far.

As a result of all this convenience, however, it could be said that we have lost the edge and have grown soft, unable to deal with many obstacles that arise. When met with these challenges, it has become increasingly easy for us to fold rather than to meet challenges head-on and find solutions.

This is where grit comes into play. Grit, it turns out, is one of the most important characteristics for success. Researchers like Angela Duckworth have found that people who possess grit have a much better chance at succeeding in whatever endeavor they pursue as opposed to people who lack grit. What exactly is grit? Duckworth defines grit as “perseverance and passion for long-term goals.”

If everyone just had a little more grit, we would have the ability to get through so much more. Fear not, however. Grit is something we can develop, and one of the best ways to develop grit is by training martial arts.

Today, Evolve Daily shares five ways martial arts helps you develop the grit you need to succeed in life.

1) Martial arts gives you courage

One of the most important traits martial arts instills in practitioners is unbelievable courage and confidence, which happen to be characteristics that go hand in hand with grit. A lot of times, the lack of courage stems from low self-esteem. Oftentimes, we just don’t believe enough in ourselves that we are capable of facing our fears and overcoming our obstacles. This leads to us not trying at all.

By training in martial arts, we are given complete and unbridled courage and bravery. Learning self-defense and building confidence in our skills as we check off milestone after milestone is invaluable to our development as human beings.

When we have courage, we can face any problem with a clear mind and a strong spirit. We move with purpose and with certainty. Martial arts brings out the best in us.


2) It gives you a sense of responsibility and dependability

Another great trait martial arts imparts in its practitioners is a great sense of responsibility and dependability.

Martial arts training is as much goal-oriented as it is process-driven. Mastering the techniques in martial arts like wrestling and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu places heavy emphasis on constant practice and repetition, to perfect the proper execution of various techniques. When we consistently complete both our major and minor goals, we learn to become dependable.

Furthermore, even in striking disciplines like boxing and Muay Thai, practitioners are given the power of knowing what we are capable of physically and mentally. And, of course, with this great power comes the understanding that we have a responsibility to represent and conduct ourselves in the correct manner.

All martial artists carry a responsibility to use our skills in only the right manner and in the right situations.


3) It teaches the value of hard work and dedication

Undoubtedly, the lesson students quickly discover after just their first hour training in martial arts, is that this journey is a long and challenging one. Martial arts is known to be one of the toughest tests of an individual’s physical and mental capacity, but the benefits a person receives from such training are endless.

One lesson we learn when training in martial arts is the real value of hard work and dedication, which is one of the true essences of grit. Some of us today have lost touch with what hard work and dedication really mean because life has become so easy. Through martial arts, we are faced with our biggest physical and mental challenges.

Sooner or later, however, we discover that we are more than capable of overcoming any obstacle, if we just work hard enough for it. The true value of hard work means we can achieve anything we set out to do if we just want it badly enough.


4) It makes you resilient

Another great lesson martial arts teaches practitioners is that it is okay to fail and fail often, so long as you pick yourself up and try again. Martial arts shows us that true failure only comes when we stop trying. If we pick ourselves up after every fall, then we never truly fail, but we learn in the process.

Success will come eventually if enough hard work and dedication is put into the task. Resiliency is what many people severely lack today, and martial arts has the power to change that. Martial arts will allow you to discover that the only limits we have, are the ones we impose on ourselves.

Impossible is nothing. We as human beings can achieve so much more than we can imagine, and martial arts helps us to realize this by allowing us to discover our true limits while showing us how to surpass them.


5) It teaches you to constantly improve every day

Perhaps the most important lesson martial arts teaches is that we should always seek to improve ourselves even just one percent every day. If we strive to get better in everything we do on a consistent basis, we are constantly upgrading our skills and knowledge to better equip ourselves with challenges we may face in the future. This is what grit is all about. Gritty people strive for excellence and have a desire to always get better.

Martial arts mastery takes a lot of time and patience. Some disciplines require years of sacrifice and practice to master. You may think you have your techniques in near perfect form now, but the more you study your craft and learn new subtle nuances to the techniques, the more you realize there is so much more than meets the eye.

Martial arts is a constant journey of self-discovery. The more we practice and train, the more we improve each and every single day. This is a lesson we carry throughout our lives outside of the gym. Whether at work, or at school, or whatever task we undertake, improving each day is key to becoming a better human being.

We move forward, not backward.


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