Here’s Why Circuit Training Could Be The Missing Piece Of Your Exercise Routine

So you’ve finally decided to start an active lifestyle this year. That’s great! It’s about time. This is an important step to make when it comes to leading a healthy life.

Have you considered which workouts suit you best and fit your crammed schedule? Well, there’s a way to combine the effectiveness of multiple workouts in a single, cohesive workout that hits all the right muscles.

Circuit training is a great way to help you reach your fitness goals quicker.

Like the majority of people trying to lead an active life, most of them turn to cardio or aerobic training like running or cycling. While cardio can be an effective way of burning the calories required for weight loss, it may not always be the best option for some who don’t enjoy the repetitiveness of it. It’s also time-consuming, to say the least.

Circuit training is perfect for individuals who like a good full-body workout and want it in quick, intense doses. It involves doing a series of resistance-training exercises for different body parts and movements with short periods of rest between each exercise.

Let’s take a look at a few reasons why you should consider circuit training. Today, Evolve Daily shares why circuit training might be the best option for you.


1) Get Optimum Results Within Minutes

a person carrying a kettlebell

Circuit training is a full-body workout.

With our busy lifestyles, juggling our careers and social lives, nobody has hours to spare on the gym daily, unless you work in the fitness industry. That’s simply a matter of fact. We only have very limited hours in the day. This is exactly why circuit training is a great option.

Circuit training is the best workout for people who are on the go. You can squeeze in an effective and whole body workout in a short period of time. You can still get a good burn from a successful circuit training just as much if not more than jogging at a steady pace.

With circuit training, you can utilize the majority of the muscles in the body, which subsequently leads to a significant increase in oxygen consumption when compared to most cardiovascular exercises that largely rely on the lower body.

Any exercise that intensifies oxygen demand also affects energy expenditure, making it an effective approach to weight loss.

Furthermore, you can incorporate elements of martial arts training into your circuit workouts. It really is the perfect exercise routine.


2) A Complete Total Body Workout

Circuit Training Singapore

A student circuit training at Evolve MMA (Far East Square) in Singapore.

At some point, we have all been guilty in pacing around the gym, winging our workout as we go by. We play things by ear and just make stuff up as we go. Even if we’re given a program to follow, things never just seem cohesive enough.

In circuit training, there are different stations that target various muscle groups for each exercise. Every movement has a purpose. You are sure to incorporate major and minor muscle groups in each workout.

This is especially important because working out multiple muscle groups in the body leads to more calories burned, even at rest. Circuit training is the ultimate total body workout.

One rule in circuit training is to alternate between core, lower body, upper body movements to give each group of muscles a time to recover after each set.


3) You Get The Best Of Both Worlds

evolve mma circuit training

Circuit training can save you a lot of time.

Another great thing about circuit training is that you hit two birds with one stone! You get to combine cardio and weight training in one session.

When you mix intervals of weight lifting with high-intensity, heart-pumping cardio, together it makes a complete killer workout that tones your body and burns fat at the same time.

You get a plethora of benefits thanks to circuit training. You can see some improvements in your overall cardiovascular fitness, endurance, muscular strength, and consistency to exercise as you continue to progress with your training.

Of course, getting your cardio and resistance training in is the best combination. It trains your body to operate optimally, much like a supremely conditioned athlete.


4) Gives Your Metabolism A Great Boost

a person performing a one handed dumbbell row

It’s important to target multiple body parts in your circuit training routine.

Circuit training flips on the switch of your fat-burning incinerator, thanks to EPOC or excess post-exercise oxygen consumption. EPOC is the amount of oxygen your body requires to bounce back to its normal condition, and it is excess in comparison to the amount of oxygen your body needed prior to circuit training.

After exercising, your body goes through a lot of processes that need oxygen in order to recover. So, in turn, you get to torch more calories even after you have long been done with your workout, sometimes even after 24 hours since you last did your training. The afterburn can even take up to 48 hours after a good workout session.

As someone on the go, you have to love that idea. You’re sitting at your desk in the office, and you’re burning calories. Talk about a great situation.


5) No Dull Moments


Rowing builds muscle and burns fat.

Since circuit training gives you the freedom and flexibility to make the necessary adjustments, your workout can have countless variations.

You have the choice to opt for simple, advanced, or intermediate levels based on your competencies in different exercises or muscle groups.

For example, you can choose to take it easy when it comes to core exercises but go all-out on your lower and upper body routines. You are the one who sets your own pace during training, and gradually, you will reach the intermediate or difficult routines if you keep training regularly.

Whether you are comfortable with one routine for a while to help you gauge your progress or want to switch it up from time to time to beat monotony, devising a plan to realize your goals for the week or that session will make you feel more confident and have more effective workouts.


6) No Equipment? No Problem!

A lot of circuit training exercises do not require gym equipment, sometimes the only weight you need to lift is your body weight, so there’s no excuse for being short in resources. This is something you can also consider doing in the comfort of your own home, if you have ample space to do the entire circuit without constraints and with proper planning.

There are also other alternatives or modifications that you can execute with routines that require minimal equipment, and you can still enjoy a complete full-body workout.

If you’re looking to take your fitness to the next level and unlock your physical potential, give a circuit training class at Evolve MMA a try.

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