Top 4 Boxing Video Games To Play In 2021

Video games and boxing have always had a great relationship throughout the years. There’s just something about the sweet science that translates well into the realm of technology and entertainment. 

That’s also a major reason why boxing has been able to adapt to the modern day. Its ability to evolve through decades of innovation has allowed the sport to flourish.

If you remember playing Mike Tyson’s Punch Out! during your childhood years, then you definitely had a great one. The satisfaction of finally beating characters like Soda Popinski, Piston Honda, and even Iron Mike himself, after endless failure and losing, is just a feeling you can’t explain.

As boxing mesmerized fans throughout history with its unbridled action in the ring and all the pageantry that surrounded it, boxing video games too became more fun, and transformed into incredible representations of the sport. They even began to offer a layer of realism not just in graphical quality, but also in actual gameplay.

If you’re like us, you probably still enjoy a great boxing video game in your free time. There are a handful of amazing titles you should definitely check out today, some unique experiences you shouldn’t miss out on. We promise you’ll have lots of fun.

Today, Evolve Daily shares the top four boxing video games to play in 2021.


1) Creed: Rise to Glory (Playstation VR)

2018’s Creed: Rise to Glory for the Playstation VR tops this list, and for good reason. It’s the best one by far.

In all honesty, Creed: Rise to Glory is probably the closest you can get to actually boxing in the ring, without having to really do it. Its VR elements offer a realistic simulation of fighting, and it is right now the most realistic boxing video game ever made.

Set in the “Rocky” universe, particularly the story surrounding Adonis Creed, played by Michael B. Jordan in the movie franchise, Creed: Rise to Glory has players donning the PS VR headgear, two PS move controllers, and climbing through the ropes. You can play as Creed, or even as Rocky himself, as well as iconic characters such as Apollo Creed, Ivan Drago, and Clubber Lang.

The best part of the game is experiencing the sport of boxing in VR. You can train and hit the heavy bag, the double-ended bag, and perform other boxing drills. Or you can experience getting absolutely starched by the opponent AI.

Getting repeatedly pummeled by Clubber Lang is no joke, and will leave you breathless and gasping for air after sweating buckets. But in the end, the satisfaction of having figured out an opponent’s style, and beating them in the ring is incredibly rewarding.


2) Knockout League (PC/PS VR)

Like Creed: Rise to Glory, Knockout League is available both on PC and PS VR. It’s not as realistic as Creed, but arguably more fun. Resembling Punch Out!’s more comical and cartoonish take on boxing, Knockout League isn’t a game to take too seriously. Of course, with characters like Sir Octopunch and Iron Maiden, it really wasn’t meant to be.

Knockout League is a light, casual boxing video game that is appealing to a wide audience. Players advance through an arcade-style tournament. Similar to Punch Out!, players have to figure out specific strategies and tactics to use against certain opponents, as well as using reflexes to dodge and block unique attacks.

Its wacky characters present unique problems, giving the game a puzzle-solving element to it. It’s also worthy of note that there is DLC for the game called Knockout League Heavy Bag, which gives players new training elements where they can work on their speed, accuracy, and endurance, as well as develop different punches on equipment like the heavy bag.


3) Real Boxing 2 (Android, iOS) 

Although it has been around for a while, the Real Boxing mobile game franchise is one of the most popular boxing video game titles currently available. Free for download on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store, Real Boxing 2 is hands down the best mobile boxing game today. 

If you enjoy mobile gaming, being able to whip out your smartphone or unfurl your tablet, then there really is no better option than Real Boxing. The game features incredible graphics, considering it for the mobile platform, but also in-depth game mechanics including an online multiplayer mode that lets you take on other players from all over the world.

The game has also licensed popular franchises like the “Rocky” universe, and lets you play as Rocky Balboa himself. It also has a Manny Pacquiao version that lets you step into the boxing shoes of the eight-division world champion.

Real Boxing 2 is a must-have on mobile for any true fan of the sweet science, and a great way to burn a few spare minutes of your time while on the go.


4) Boxing Star (Android, iOS)

Similar to Knockout League, Boxing Star for the mobile platform features cartoonish protagonists that have a flair for showmanship. Available for download on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, Boxing Star has you assuming the role of an amateur brawler who must fight his way through the ranks for a shot at superstardom. This means traversing the very beginning of your career as a no-namer, all the way to becoming a champion. 

The game features solid controls and a wide array of contrasting opponents. This arcade-style boxing game is great for all sorts of boxing fans, from serious aficionados to casuals.

You start on the streets, then fight your way into underground fight clubs, using a series of screen taps and screen swipes to perform classic combinations featuring the jab, hooks, straights, and uppercuts. You will also need to have great reflexes and the ability to defend yourself by ducking, blocking, and countering. Occasionally, you’ll be able to execute a special attack. 

Sounds like a lot of fun, but don’t get it twisted. It’s definitely a challenging game and takes a lot of time and effort to beat.


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