WATCH: 4 Things You Must Know About Using The Jump Push Kick (Video)

If you’re looking for a surefire way to create distance between you and your opponent, the jump push kick or teep is the perfect technique to use. As you know, if executed correctly, a push kick also has the potential to knockout one’s opponent. The jump push kick is one of the most powerful techniques in Muay Thai because the added jump gives you the additional momentum you need to attack your opponent with an even greater force.

As with all advanced Muay Thai techniques, executing the jump push kick requires perfect timing, balance, and precise technique. If done properly, the jump push kick will surely be a devastating yet showstopping move you can add to your arsenal. Today, Evolve Daily shares  4 Things You Must Know About Using The Jump Push Kick:

1) You must set it up properly


You must set up the jump push kick with several push kicks. This would ensure that you have enough range to throw a jump push kick. Setting the jump push kick with push kicks also helps break your opponent’s momentum.


2) You can use it as a feint 


As you bait your opponent with regular push kicks, he/she will expect that you will probably throw the push kicks in succession. When your opponent walks in before you throw the push kick, you can use this opportunity to execute the jump push kick. To make the feint more convincing, make sure you raise the switching leg enough so that your opponent wouldn’t expect it. 


3) You must have proper stance 


To properly execute the jump push kick, you must have proper posture. As always, your feet must be slightly shoulder width apart with your back slightly hunched. By watching your stance, you’ll always stay balanced, which is difficult to do when you are going to land on one foot. Watch your posture and you’ll also make it easier for yourself to get back into your fighting stance.


4) You must swing the same arm as your teeping leg down

As always, you must keep your hands up and elbows close together in the Muay Thai stance. However, as with all kicks, you must swing the arm on the same side of the kicking leg down to add more power into your jumping leg. It also helps you push your hips out, also adding force into the push kick. Don’t forget to quickly bring your hand back up when you’ve finished executing the jump push kick.

There’s no doubt that Muay Thai legend Saenchai PKMuaythaisaenchaigym has one of the best jump push kicks in Muay Thai today.  In the video above, watch how Saenchai launches his devastating jump push kick. Observe his arm swinging back as he throws the jump push kick.


As with all advanced techniques, ensure that you drill these first with your training partner before using them in sparring. Although showstopping, the jump push kick is one technique that certainly needs a lot of practice. So tell us, when will you use the jump push kick in sparring?


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