10 Craziest Finishes In MMA History

Mixed martial arts allows punches, kicks, elbows, knees, takedowns, and submissions, leading to some of the most entertaining fights in the history of combat sports. It only takes one mistake for any MMA fighter to find themselves on the losing side. 

This article will review some of the most insane finishes in mixed martial arts history. 


Ten Craziest Finishes In The History Of Mixed Martial Arts

Ready to go down our memory lane of insane finishes? Here we go:


1) Matt Hughes Vs. Carlos Newton

Hughes got his first chance at a mixed martial arts championship belt when he squared off against Newton at UFC 34. It was a competitive fight for the most part, with Hughes implementing the wrestling-heavy style that made him a Hall of Famer. 

Newton threatened with submissions a few times and finally locked up a tight triangle choke in the second round. Hughes picked up Newton in an attempt to slam him to the ground to force him to release the choke, but the cage got in the way, holding Newton up. Newton tightened the squeeze on the choke until Hughes momentarily lost consciousness. Unfortunately for Newton, that led to him being dropped from the top of the cage, knocking him out cold. 

Hughes was awarded the decision since he was still somewhat conscious but later admitted he was out for a second because of the choke. 


2) Rose Namajunas Vs. Jessica Andrade

“Thug Rose” couldn’t have looked any better during the first round of her UFC 237 title defense against Andrade. She outpointed Andrade from range and barely got touched during the opening round. 

Rose continued to dominate the exchanges in the second round, but Andrade was eventually able to clinch up with her. Rose tried to lock up a kimura while clinched, but Andrade used the opportunity to lift Rose into the air and slam her on the ground head first. That was enough to earn Andrade the UFC’s strawweight title. 


3) Yves Edwards Vs. Josh Thomson

Edwards and Thomson started as a pretty even fight, with both men landing their fair share of strikes. Edwards started to pull away towards the end of the first round of their UFC 49 encounter, forcing Thomson to force a clinch. 

Yves managed to take Thomson’s back from the clinch, then sent him to the canvas with a suplex. Thomson got right back up with Yves still holding on to him from behind, and Yves threw a roundhouse kick from behind that caught him flush, bringing the contest to an end with 28 seconds left in the first round. 


4) Tyler Bryan Vs. Shaun Parker

There have been a few double knockouts in mixed martial arts history, but none compare to Bryan and Parker knocking each other out. It was only eight seconds into their contest when both men simultaneously threw heavy right hands at each other. 

Both connected, and both men went down to the canvas stiff as a board. Guest referee MMA legend Shonie Carter made the epic moment even more memorable as he seemed out of his wits trying to comprehend what just happened. 


5) Anderson Silva Vs. Forrest Griffin

It’s not common in combat sports to see a fight finished with a jab. Neither is seeing a fighter slip, duck and weave through an opponent’s attacks as easily as Neo dodging bullets in the Matrix. Anderson Silva did both things when he went against Griffin at UFC 101. 

Forrest was game as he always is, but it was clear early on in their contest he was in over his head. Silva toyed with him for a bit, then he put him away with a jab as a moved backward and evaded strikes. It was arguably the most artistic finish in MMA history. If you don’t know where the “art” in martial arts comes from, watch Silva’s fight against Griffin. 


7) Angela Lee Vs. Natalie Hills

Hills got off to a good start when these two squared off at ONE: PRIDE OF LIONS, landing the cleaner strikes during the opening moments, throwing Lee to the canvas. That turned out to be an error as Lee swept and ended up on top. 

That was the beginning of the end for Hills as she struggled to get back to her feet. Lee bombarded her with ground shots and eventually sunk in a twister, bringing the contest to an end. With the submission, she joined the ranks of a handful of fighters who have been able to pull off a twister in MMA. 


8) Jorge Masvidal Vs. Ben Askren

Askren was undefeated coming into his fight against Masvidal, and the oddsmakers made him a 3:1 favorite. Askren became a part of a UFC roster as part of a historic trade that sent Demetrious Johnson to ONE Championship. He lived up to the hype during his UFC debut, surviving some tough moments before getting a controversial submission against Robbie Lawler. 

Masvidal had been a journeyman most of his career, and he was known to struggle against wrestlers. Many expected Askren to pick up his second win in the UFC when he squared off against Masvidal at UFC 239, but what they ended up getting was one of the most insane finishes in MMA history. 

Masvidal ran right at Askren as soon as the opening bell rang, landing a flying knee that instantly stiffened Askren. The win made Masvidal one of the biggest stars in the welterweight division. 


9) Fedor Emelianenko Vs. Kevin Randleman

This was one of the fights that made Fedor an MMA legend. Randleman landed one of the most devastating slams in MMA history early in the fight, but that wasn’t the night’s highlight. Fedor’s will to win exceeded any damage the slam did, and he tapped out Randleman moments later. 


10) Scott Smith Vs. Pete Sell

These two had an entertaining scrap when they collided at The Ultimate Fighter: The Comeback Finale, but it was Smith who ended up scoring one of the most memorable finishes in MMA history. Sell landed a hard punch to Smith’s liver during the second round, and Smith wisely played it up a bit. He then put Sell away with a vicious hook as Pete closed in on him. 


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