5 Sneaky Escapes From The Armbar!

When you practice Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, you’ll discover that learning defense is just as important as learning offense. But what happens when someone catches you in a submission?

In this Evolve University video, BJJ World Champion and Evolve MMA BJJ Instructor Teco Shinzato teaches you five different ways to escape the armbar:


BJJ Armbar

Armbar Escape #1 (Sit up and break the sleeve grip)
•    Use momentum to help you sit up.
•    As you break the grip, remember to pull upwards and not sideways.


Armbar Escape #2 (Head over the thigh and bridge up)
•    Pull his leg over and under your head.
•    Bridge up with force, using your hips for more power.


Armbar Escape #3 (Push his foot into your half guard)
•    Sneak your opponent’s foot into your half guard with your free hand.
•    Do the same movement as the 2nd escape and bridge.


Armbar Escape #4 (Stack your opponent)
•    Similar to the 1st escape, you will use momentum to sit up and get into position.
•    Make sure you stack your opponent, using pressure as you pass the guard and establish side control.


Armbar Escape #5 (Hitchhiker escape)
•    As soon as your opponent breaks your grip to get the armbar, turn your thumb up as you extend your arm over your head.
•    Don’t forget to bridge as you do this technique!


Remember, BJJ is a martial art that requires a lot of strategy. Using these techniques should be your LAST RESORT!

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