6 Reasons Why Your Teammate Will Be Your Best Friend For Life


A friend who appreciates the value of a good training session is the best friend you’ll ever have. They know how much effort you’ve put into achieving your goals, and how important they are to you. Whether it’s for weight loss, preparing for a competition or for overall fitness, they’re the person you can count on for support. In turn, they can rely on you to be their crying shoulder when they have to miss a week of training.

Evolve Daily shares 6 reasons why your teammate will be your best friend for life:


1) They’ve seen you at your best …  and your worst.

Training hard brings out the worst in most people. You’ve pushed your body to the limit and you feel absolutely horrible. The first thing you’ll probably do is lash out and vent to someone who understands how you feel. Enter: your teammate. They’ve probably gone through the same thing themselves, so they know exactly what you’re going through. There’s no better person to console you than someone who can commiserate with you – and have all the answers to your questions.


2) You crave for the same things. 

Who else can relate to your cravings for french fries or the inexplicable need for a post training beer (just one, OK)? Post workout, your teammate is probably able to read your mind. Or, they probably have your favorite snack or smoothie ready for you even before you can say anything.


3) Those mini-conferences in the shower room. 

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Everyone knows that the shower room is one of the best places to have a conversation with your teammate. Whether you’re discussing the intricacies of life or trying to get psyched before a training session, the amount of emotion and energy in the shower room is always palpable and incomparable to anything else.


4) The best support system – bar none.


When you have someone who trusts and believes in you wholeheartedly, there’s no doubt that this will have a direct effect on your performance. A teammate is always there to support you and push you when you’re at your worst and cheer you on at your best. As disappointed as you may feel with yourself and the way you’ve performed, your teammate will be there to tell you that there’s always a next time.


5) They understand that training will always be a priority. 

The number of times you’ve ditched your other friends because of your training schedule might ruin your relationship with them, but your teammate understands that training takes priority over everything else. Late for dinner? Can’t eat too much because you’re cutting weight? No problem. They’ve been there too, so they won’t take it personally.


6) They understand the meaning of excellence. 

Some people just don’t understand how important your sport is to you.  For you, it’s worth all the blood, sweat and tears you’ve put into it over the years. For them, it’s all a mystery. Your teammate knows exactly how you feel. Because you have the same passions and goals, you both understand that you have to strive for excellence at all times – and that there are many sacrifices to be made in order to achieve that.


When you spend hours, days, years with a certain group of people, the attachment you develop to one another is undeniable. Through the bond of sportsmanship and martial arts, many friendships are forged; perhaps, even more lasting than others.



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