7 Ways Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) Helps Women Get Into The Best Shape Ever

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) is one of the most revolutionary and potent martial arts around, as it utilizes leverage and technique to overcome strength. Thanks to this, smaller people can overcome stronger, bigger opponents with BJJ. It comes as no surprise then, that BJJ has bloomed in recent years, and till today, it still continues to grow.

Although BJJ (or martial arts in general) comes off as a male-dominated sport, there have been more and more ladies picking it up, training regularly, and ultimately making BJJ a very big part of their lives. We’re not surprised, because BJJ sharpens you both physically and mentally, while equipping you with essential self-defense skills. 

Ladies, are you ready to embark on your BJJ journey? Today, Evolve Daily shares 7 Ways Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Helps Women Get Into The Best Shape Ever:

1) It is a good full body workout

With so many techniques to learn, there's never a dull moment on the mats.With so many techniques to learn, there’s never a dull moment on the mats.

If you look at BJJ practitioners, you’ll notice that they all have nice, sculpted bodies. Well, this is something that comes naturally over time. After all, different muscle groups are engaged every time you grapple and drill the techniques. What’s more, you’d also be working both your aerobic and anaerobic systems, hence, boosting your endurance.


2) It encourages continuous self-improvement

When you train BJJ, you’ll learn to leave your ego at the door – regardless of how long you’ve been training, or your rank. After all, anyone with a better grasp of a certain technique would probably be able to submit you. Yes, even if he/she is of a lower rank, smaller, or weaker than you.

In times like this, you’ll understand that you’ll never fully become a master of BJJ, and that there’s always someone out there who’s better. But that’s okay, because you’ll realize that the most important thing is continuous self-improvement. And you’ll be motivated to train hard and keep working towards being the best martial artist you can be.


3) It develops your confidence

Grappling is an intense physical activity that burns lots of calories.

Grappling is an intense physical activity that burns lots of calories.

As you make progress on your BJJ journey, you’ll gain confidence as you figure out those complex techniques and improve. Psst! You’d also have a toned, lean physique (see #1!) so you don’t have to worry about feeling self conscious and/or covering yourself up the next time you hit the beach. After all, you’d totally rock your favorite bikini!


4) It teaches you persistence

BJJ keeps you physically and mentally sharp.

BJJ keeps you physically and mentally sharp.

With so many different techniques to learn in BJJ, you’ll sometimes find yourself confused or even struggle to nail down certain techniques. There will even be times when you feel like giving up altogether. However, you’ll learn to press on and persevere until you get it right. After all, the only way to move is forward – and what’s the point of harping on negative thoughts when all they’ll do is take you further from your goals?


5) It reverses the aging process

Keep your kids active and bully-proof with BJJ!

Keep your kids active with BJJ!

If you want to stay young – both inside and out, then BJJ is the way to go! Not convinced? Well, it has been scientifically proven that training martial arts is the way you can stay forever young! Besides that, training would boost your body’s endorphin production so you’d feel great after every BJJ session.


6) It enables you to defend yourself in real life situations

The Americana is one of the many techniques you'll learn in BJJ.

The Americana is one of the many techniques you’ll learn in BJJ.

In real life situations, there’s always a chance that you’d end up getting taken down to the ground. Fortunately, BJJ techniques focus on ground fighting. So you’d learn to get into a dominant position when you’re on the ground, and of course, escape from danger as soon as you can! We believe that picking up self-defense is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your loved ones. After all, you never know when you’d have to use those techniques!


7) It teaches you to be kind to yourself

When you train BJJ, your body releases endorphins - so you'd be in a better mood after training!

When you train BJJ, your body releases endorphins – so you’d be in a better mood after training!

There will be moments when you’ll get frustrated, disheartened, and there will be those days when you just don’t want to step on the mats. However, BJJ teaches you to listen to your mind and body, so you’d learn to love and respect yourself. Apart from that, you’d learn some important life lessons on the mats, which you’ll then be able to apply to everyday life – so you can evolve into the best version of yourself possible.


Ladies, are you now convinced that BJJ will help you get into the greatest shape ever? All of us at Evolve Daily believe that you have what it takes to unleash your greatness. So why not sign up for a BJJ class and see what happens!




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