Deontay Wilder: The Most Exciting Man In Boxing

Boxing is an incredible sport to be a fan of. If you’re interested in all-out action and excitement, you need not look further than the solace of the squared circle. But what makes boxing such a compelling sport isn’t just what’s on the surface, it’s what’s deep beneath the layers that make it so fun to watch.

The sport’s appeal hinges on the output of its stars. When two men enter the ring, fans can expect them to put everything on the line in search of victory. While not all boxers are known for their fan-friendly style, some are simply a cut above the rest and have the ability to capture imaginations with their performances.

One such boxer is unbeaten Heavyweight World Champion Deontay Wilder. Nicknamed “The Bronze Bomber”, Wilder is a former high school basketball player who transitioned to the sport of boxing when he went to college.

Discovering he had a natural talent for the ‘sweet science’, Wilder went on to enjoy a stellar amateur career, which culminated in him winning a bronze medal for the United States in the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing.

After turning professional in 2008, Wilder has racked up an impressive win streak, decimating every opponent on his way to a perfect record. He picked up his first world title with a unanimous decision victory over Bermane Stiverne in 2015 and has since broken into the mainstream with his unique style and flair.

It’s time now to take a closer look at Wilder’s career so far and why he is leading the sport to prominence in the modern era. Today, Evolve Daily shares four reasons why Deontay Wilder is boxing’s biggest star today, and why you should be following this tremendous champion if you aren’t already.

1) He’s an undefeated American heavyweight

Well, that’s actually three reasons. But when was the last time we had an undefeated American heavyweight boxing champion with the physical gifts that Wilder has? He’s tall, long, and powerful. Best of all, he knows exactly how to use his advantages.

He may not be the most skillful, and fans always reference his wide, looping punches as a glaring flaw. But Wilder has something a lot of boxers today don’t have — the x-factor. This is the same x-factor present in fighters of yesteryear, guys like Mike Tyson, Muhammad Ali, and Jack Johnson.

Wilder just has it. And he’s directing his career in the right way, winning every bout with drama and conviction.


2) He has incredible knockout power

Forget the fact that he doesn’t know how to properly throw a punch. His style is effective, and that’s all that matters. Don’t believe us? One look at Wilder’s record and it’s obvious the man is packing dynamite in his fists. He is 40-0 with 39 knockouts. More importantly, he’s knocked out every boxer he has ever been in the ring with, knocking out Stiverne in their second fight after picking up a unanimous decision in their first meeting.

There’s just something about boxing’s heavyweight division that makes for compelling and dramatic bouts. Perhaps it’s the sheer size of the competitors. Or maybe the inherent knockout power they possess. For Wilder, his power is evident, delivered by his tall 6’7” frame and 83-inch reach.


3) He’s no pushover

Toughness is perhaps Wilder’s greatest trait. He’s just a genuinely bad, bad man. With his unorthodox technique and undeniable charisma, Wilder has sent every opponent to the canvas behind his mighty fists. In the fight game, however, you have to be willing to take as much as you can dish out — and Wilder is no exception to that rule.

Luckily for the Tuscaloosa, Alabama native, his chin is made of iron. Wilder proved as much in his last contest, surviving a spirited effort from previously unbeaten Cuban boxing champion Luis “King Kong” Ortiz. Wilder powered through near-defeat at the hands of Ortiz to win by scintillating 10th round knockout.

If you’re worried about Wilder being tough enough to take the heat, he’s more capable than you can imagine.


4) He’s ambitious

Perhaps most important of all is that Wilder’s ambition far outweighs his potential. In fact, Wilder’s drive to be known as the greatest of all time is unparalleled. The 32-year-old champion has already made headlines with his bold statement of being greater than predecessors Ali and Tyson, and he has backed up all the talk so far.

So as Wilder looks towards a mega showdown with British heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua, remember that he means what he says. Wilder truly believes he is the best heavyweight boxer to ever live. He has proven his point with every fight thus far and continues to roll on with no signs of slowing down — truly one of the most exciting fighters to follow today.

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