Here’s How You Can Make A Difference In The Lives Of The Underprivileged This Christmas

Christmas isn’t just about gifts and indulgence, it’s also a season that speaks closely to our humanity. Returning this year, Evolve MMA is organizing another round of gift-giving to the less fortunate children in Cambodia this holiday season.

From now until 26 December, you can donate basic items and everyday necessities such as toothbrushes, old clothes, medical supplies like tape, gauze, and band-aids or school supplies to underprivileged children – via the Caring for Cambodia collection drive which will be organized across all Evolve MMA locations.

“Many of them don’t even have shoes, are hungry, do not have appropriate school supplies, do not have first aid and hygiene kits,” shares Vanessa Moore, development officer of Caring for Cambodia.

Forty years ago, the Khmer Rouge took control of the Cambodian government with the aim of turning Cambodia into a communist agrarian utopia. Hence, the population was expected to work as laborers in a huge federation of collective farms. Anyone perceived to be in opposition was abused and killed. Unfortunately, this included all educated people as well as monks and the rich. During the 4-year reign of the Khmer Rouge, approximately 1.7 to 2 million Cambodians died.

“There really isn’t any ability in Cambodia for education to be handed down, and so we believe that education is the key to change,” Vanessa explains. “We are in the business of handing out education, and it is our ultimate goal to be able to hand over everything we do to the Cambodians themselves.”

Cambodia has had a long-standing history of political turmoil. Due to the oppression against its own people, a lot of innocent lives were lost and many people continue to suffer to this day. Caring for Cambodia provides teacher training, facilities, child-friendly classrooms, basic healthcare and dental care, as well as education.

At Evolve MMA, we teach martial arts as a way of life. Martial arts, of course, has many intrinsic human values that shape who we are as people, values such as honor, humility, courage, and especially compassion.

By sharing our blessings and the material abundance that we have with the underprivileged children in Cambodia, we are doing our part to help those in need and answer the true calling of martial artists, which is to defend humanity.

Every day, children in Cambodia suffer and many do not have access to basic human necessities like basic medical care and proper education. Each human life is precious and should be given the chance to shine and live beautiful lives. By your generosity and aid, you can help change the lives of many beautiful children in Cambodia just by your donations alone.

Christmas is the season of giving. Put a smile on someone’s face this holiday season, and bring joy to the lives of the underprivileged kids in Cambodia. Drop by your nearest Evolve MMA and make a difference today!

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