Here’s Why Everyone Needs To Know How To Defend Themselves

Self-defense is an important skill that everyone should possess. You never know when it could come in handy. It is best to be prepared for all situations, especially those that require the use of self-defense.

Luckily for us, the knowledge of proper and true self-defense is within reach. Martial arts offers us a deeper look into the science, discipline, and art of self-defense and enables us with the tools we need to sufficiently defend ourselves when necessary.

The ability to protect oneself physically from harm is a basic human right that should be accessible to everyone, including women and children. Self-defense is an often overlooked skill in today’s society but is of utmost importance.

Self-defense not only allows us to defend ourselves against physical attacks, it also imparts in us various benefits in everyday life. We gain a better understanding of what we are capable of physically, and we become more responsible for our actions. Most of all, we can keep a cooler, calmer head in the face of confrontation.

It is important for everyone to learn self-defense, and through martial arts, we can empower ourselves with this knowledge and put it to proper use. Today, Evolve Daily shares four reasons why the knowledge of self-defense is necessary for everyone.

1) It allows you to recognize situations where self-defense is necessary

Whenever we are faced with physical confrontation, we initially have the fight or flight response — it is human nature. We either fight to defend ourselves, or we flee and avoid fighting altogether. These two options are very basic, and most situations where conflict is imminent, things can get very complex.

Martial arts teaches us how to diffuse and deal with physical confrontations the right way, and best of all, to determine whether or not self-defense is actually necessary. As martial artists, we never use our knowledge of combat freely without consequence. We always gauge the situation first to see if we really need to employ what we have learned during training.

Recognizing if and when to fight is one of the first skills we obtain during our martial arts training. And it’s also one of the most crucial skills to learn because we never want to fight if it can be avoided altogether.


2) It shows you other ways to deal with physical confrontations

By recognizing the specific situations where fighting is either necessary or unnecessary, we are also introduced to many other ways to deal with physical confrontation. Martial arts approaches self-defense, especially in street scenarios, as allowing us to use our skills just long enough until we can break free from an attacker and are out of danger.

A real physical threat is a tricky thing to deal with, and it’s important that you have many options available to you to determine the right course of action. Simply having a fight or flight option is not sufficient enough.

When faced with danger from a physical attack, knowing what to do in the heat of the moment is crucial. As martial artists, we only fight when it absolutely cannot be avoided. That’s when we use our skills to swoop in and end matters quickly. But if it doesn’t reach that point, then as martial artists, we are aware of other ways to diffuse situations.


3) It gives you a cooler, calmer head

Whether it is dealing with road rage, a fight on the street, or any other physical confrontation, fighting is sometimes incredibly difficult to avoid. The average person tries to keep himself away from these sort of situations as much as possible, but there will come a time when we are all thrust into a spot that we don’t know how to deal with.

The secret to dealing with these situations is keeping a cool, calm head. By doing this, we obtain mental clarity, even when a physical attack is staring us in the face. Martial arts gives us the ability to keep our emotions in check, especially during fights, so that we can make the right decisions in the heat of battle.

This is key to handling any scenario where the use of self-defense may or may not be necessary. When we are empowered with the skill and tradition of martial arts, we can keep our wits about us, keep a cool, calm head during conflicts, and avoid fighting altogether.


4) It equips you with the tools you need to protect yourself

Last but certainly not the least, martial arts empowers us with the tools we need to protect ourselves and those around us.

Even when we have exhausted all options to try and avoid fighting altogether, there are situations where it is completely unavoidable. When imminent danger befalls us or the people around us, as martial artists, we have a duty to use our skills to diffuse physical situations as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

By using our tools and knowledge of martial arts, we can end physical conflict rather fast and easy.

Whether it is training in boxing, learning the art of pugilism and the proper ways to punch, or taking up study in the art of grappling by way of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, martial arts equips with the knowledge and wisdom passed down through many generations — all of which we can use to defend ourselves intelligently.


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