How To Achieve The Well-Conditioned Body Of A Martial Artist

Everyone wants to look great in front of a mirror. Whether it is to build self-confidence, achieve supreme health and wellness, or simply be in the best shape of our lives, it is everyone’s desire to have a well-conditioned physique.

We all go to great lengths to achieve our fitness goals. Some of us partake in serious gym routines whereby we embark on tough workouts on a daily basis. While any form of exercise is certainly beneficial to the human body, not all workouts are made equal. Some fitness programs hold distinct advantages over others.

Take martial arts for example, which in recent years has exploded in popularity not only as a sport but also as a form of exercise. Since the beginning of man, martial arts has existed as a way to ensure that we all realize our full physical potential.

It is then good to take note that, martial artists have some of the most well-toned and fit bodies. Martial artists are supremely-conditioned athletes because the practice of martial arts is a full-body experience. Each martial arts discipline approaches fitness in a different way, which then reaps different results. It is up to you to choose the one that fits perfectly for your goals.

There are many great benefits to training martial arts, not the least of which is having the well-conditioned body of an athlete. Today, Evolve Daily shares four ways you can achieve your dream body just like martial arts athletes.

1) Train on a consistent basis

It cannot be further stressed that the key to an effective health and fitness program is consistency. The more sustainable a workout is, the more effective it will be. The same goes for martial arts.

Luckily, martial arts is easy to get into, and you’ll be completely hooked once you start. First of all, martial arts is an incredibly enjoyable workout experience. Unlike other workout routines that tend to go stale after a few sessions, martial arts keeps practitioners engaged for longer periods of time.

Working towards goals such as learning new techniques or upgrading ranks and skill level is a huge part of martial arts and the way it can keep people interested in pursuing it. Because martial arts is one of the most fun workout experiences you can try, it can quite easily draw you in and keep you coming back for more.

Secondly, the more you train, the more enamored you become with martial arts as a sport. It is considered one of the fastest rising sports in the world today. More and more people are turning to martial arts as their primary fitness program.


2) Always give a hundred percent effort

More importantly, showing up to the gym is only half the battle. For you to achieve your dream body, you will have to be willing to put in the work at one point or another. Unlike traditional gym routines, martial arts is dynamic in nature. Each session is different from the last.

It is essential that at any given point in training, a hundred percent effort and dedication is given. This means going faster and harder when you know you are capable of it, and going longer even though your mind tries to trick you into quitting.

A lot of the effectivity of a workout is directly tied to how much effort one puts into it. Even joining a martial arts gym is not enough, you have to be dedicated to becoming a true martial artist for you to be able to reap the results.

If you give all your effort to martial arts, however, it will surely give you back its many great benefits. From a sharper, more focused mind, to incredible health and wellness, to its amazing physical effects on your appearance, martial arts will change your life for the better. And it will certainly help you achieve your dream body.


3) Focusing on technique will keep you engaged

One of the major aspects of martial arts is technique. When practitioners perform martial arts techniques, they are taught to adhere to proper execution. Contrary to popular belief, martial arts isn’t just a way to get better at fighting. Through the focus on proper martial arts techniques, it is able to teach us that execution is greater than just sheer effort.

Whether it is tightening up your defense in boxing, sharpening your roundhouse kicks in Muay Thai, or improving your submission game in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, focusing on technique will keep you engaged in the workout for longer periods of time.

Soon, you’ll find yourself more focused on technique rather than the duration of your workouts. The effect of this is a better understanding of martial arts in general, and a longer sustained interest in pursuing martial arts as a viable fitness program.

Furthermore, the better we get in technique, the more advanced we become in certain martial arts disciplines, earning us merits for all the hard work. Not only will you have your dream body after a period of time, but maybe you can become a black belt too.


4) Train in various disciplines

Last but certainly not the least, we have to learn to mix it up. The more we perform the same movements over and over, the more accustomed to the rigors the human body becomes. In some ways, it adapts quite nicely, thereby reducing the effectivity of certain techniques. This is where mixing it up comes into play.

While sticking to any one martial arts discipline will give you an ample amount of beneficial changes to your health, experiencing multiple styles and trying out different training methodologies keeps the body stimulated physically for a longer period of time.

So maybe try some Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu when you’re done with boxing. Or give wrestling a shot after an intense Muay Thai session. You just might like what you experience. Sooner or later, by training in martial arts, you can achieve your dream body.


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