4 Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Training Gear

Have you been working out regularly? If yes, then good for you! Because that means you’re well on your way to getting into the best shape of your life. Unfortunately, we can’t say the same about your training gear. After all, you’re putting your gear through a lot of intense gym sessions – and they can’t last forever.

As much as you love your seasoned training gear, you need to understand that they aren’t designed to last forever. Psst! Sometimes it could be your worn out training gear that’s affecting your performance at the gym. So you need to make sure that you replace them with new gear when the time comes! 

Not sure if it’s time for you to toss out your old training gear? Then read on, and check for the signs of wear and tear. Today, Evolve Daily shares 4 Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Training Gear:


1) When They Start Peeling Or Flaking

UFC Superstar Brodinho Issa is wearing Renzo Grazie Jiu-Jitsu Gi pants.

UFC Superstar Brodinho Issa is wearing Renzo Grazie Jiu-Jitsu Gi pants.

This is one of the biggest telltale signs of wear and tear, especially when it’s your boxing gloves or shin guards. Apart from that, you might notice that the padding has started to crumble, or that the Velcro just doesn’t stick together anymore. This means that you’re no longer getting the protection you need. Hence, this puts you at risk of getting injured during training or sparring.

Do yourself a favor and replace your gloves or shin guards once you notice any of these signs. Trust us, it’s totally worth investing in some new, high quality gear!


2) When They Lose Their Elasticity

ONE Atomweight World Champion Angela Lee is wearing the Evolve Women's Grappling Spats.

ONE Atomweight World Champion Angela Lee is wearing the Evolve Women’s Grappling Spats.

This is one of the signs that go by unnoticed or ignored for too long. Yes, we know that it might sometimes feel more comfortable when your tight fitting clothes stretch out over time. But do you know that this could affect your workouts? Think about it: how can you stay focused and get the most of every gym session when you’re constantly re-adjusting your clothes, or pulling up your socks?

When you get blisters on your feet, it could be the result of wearing worn out socks that are thinning or drooping. As for workout tights and fitted tops, you’ll notice that they’ve lost their shape, or that the moisture-wicking material has stopped doing its job, leaving you sweatier than ever after an intense workout.

This one’s for the ladies – if your sports bra gets so loose that you no longer have enough support, you really need to get a new one, or your workouts would get really uncomfortable!


3) When They Start Furring

ONE Superstar Bruno Pucci is wearing the Evolve Fight Team hoodie.

ONE Superstar Bruno Pucci is wearing the Evolve Fight Team hoodie.

Besides elasticity, another sign of wear and tear to look out for in your clothes or hand wraps is that of furring. This happens when the fabric comes in contact with too much friction. Perhaps you’ll notice that certain areas have more furring than others, depending on your workout.

Also, friction can cause the fabric to thin out and become a little sheer, or holes might even appear. When this happens, you’d probably want to shop for new attire. After all, it would be super embarrassing to let the entire gym see through your workout tights when you’re doing squats!


4) When Bad Smells Persist

Muay Thai Champions Nong-O Gaiyanghadao and Yodkunsup Por Pongsawang are wearing the Evolve Warrior Muay Thai shorts.

Sweat is part and parcel of working out. Unfortunately, this sometimes comes with all kinds of odors. That’s why it’s so important to air out your gear and wash your workout clothes as soon as you can!

However, once you reach the point where your training gear still holds on to certain smells even after you’ve washed them, then it’s time to get new ones. Believe us, your workouts would be way more pleasant without those smells.


Now that you know what signs to look out for, toss out your old, worn out gear and make room for new stuff! Don’t let grungy, overused attire get in the way of your performance in the gym. Now go forth and train hard!


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