5 Ways You Know You’re Obsessed With Boxing

Boxing remains one of the most popular martial arts in the world, and those that reach the pinnacle of the sport get to enjoy worldwide fame and purses that are larger than they have ever been. The sport continues to draw in millions of people from all over the world who pick it up for a variety of reasons like:

With so much to gain from learning how to box, it is no surprise how popular it remains with those seeking a challenge, despite the increasing popularity of other martial arts like mixed martial arts.

So, you’ve been bitten by the boxing bug. You just can’t seem to get enough of it. You jump at every opportunity to talk about your training sessions and stepping into the ring is the highlight of your day. No need to be alarmed. There are many others all over the world with the same affliction.

Here are some of the symptoms that come with an obsession with boxing.

1) You Can’t Resist The Urge To Breakdown Striking Techniques

You will likely have a hard time resisting the urge to breakdown fights if you are obsessed with boxing. You don’t mean to be that person who always wants to show off their fighting skills, but you can’t help the fact you see things other people miss during fights.

You likely feel a strong urge to disagree with friends about who will win when a big fight is coming up. You don’t follow the crowd, you break down each fighter’s strengths and weaknesses and make a logical decision.

The good part of this annoying habit is the fact you are often more right than wrong. Just try not to rub it in everyone’s faces all the time, or your friends will stop watching boxing with you.


2) You Are Always Thinking About Training

drian francisco boxing training

WBA Boxing World Champion Drian Francisco from the Evolve Fight Team is very strict when it comes to technique.

When you are obsessed with boxing, you can’t stop thinking about your next training session. It is the highlight of your day, your safe-space where you get to forget about all the things that might be stressing you out in your day-to-day life.

For you, training is a form of therapy. It is how you destress and prepare for any obstacles in your way. You love the feeling you get as your brain releases “feel good” endorphins after a training session. You enjoy being physically tired when you go to bed at night.

Training has become such an integral part of your life, you can’t imagine life without it.


3) You Find Yourself Mimicking Boxing Movements Outside The Boxing Gym

boxing obsession

The more you train boxing, the more you think about it all the time.

Train boxing long enough and it becomes a part of your being. You start noticing yourself intuitively making movements used in boxing. You might find yourself working off jitters by shadow boxing before a big event or instinctively ducking and rolling when a friend throws something at your face.

You might also notice you no longer have two left feet. You find yourself mimicking some of the footwork you use while training as you impress your date with your new dance moves.


4) You’re A Jump Rope Master

Skipping rope helps build muscles needed for boxing.

If you’re better at skipping than all of the teenage girls in your neighborhood, you might be obsessed with boxing. Skipping is one of the most popular ways boxers warm-up and strengthen their legs. There’s a scene of the main actor skipping in pretty much every popular boxing movie you can think of.


5) You’re Confident In Your Ability To Defend Yourself

nong-o boxing gym

Boxing teaches you to control your emotions.

While many people think of boxing mostly as a sport, it is a martial art just like Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) or Muay Thai. There’s a reason why it’s called the sweet science. It teaches you important concepts that you need to know to be able to successfully defend yourself.

It teaches you how to slip and evade punches, and how to hit without getting hit. It teaches you how to manage distance, using your body type to its full potential. The best part? All this becomes second nature to you after training for a while.

It’s not something you ever have to think of. Your body just instinctively defends and counters if you find yourself in a self-defense scenario. Even a person who trains for only a month picks up skills that give them a significant edge against an untrained opponent. Knowing how to protect yourself and your loved ones is a useful skill for anyone. Why make things easy for the bad guys?


Nothing Wrong With A Healthy Obsession

There’s no cure for your boxing obsession and it will get you in the best physical and mental shape you have ever been if you keep it up.

If you’ve yet to give boxing a try, sign up for a trial class to experience it.


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