Here’s How Martial Arts Helps Slow Down Aging

We all get older, it’s unavoidable. Each day that passes is another day that goes by in our lives. Along the way, our bodies start to show their age. We get wrinkles, our metabolism slows down, we lose muscle and gain fat, and worst of all, we experience a decrease in energy levels. There is no way around this, it happens to everyone.

Luckily, however, there are ways to slow down the signs of aging. Through consistent exercise, a healthy balanced diet, and a conscious decision to make better lifestyle choices, we slow the process of aging by a large margin.

One of the best ways to slow down aging is by taking up martial arts. Martial arts has the power to completely change your life. It’s ability to reinvigorate your vitals is amazing. From bringing you to the absolute best shape of your life, to giving you loads of energy, martial arts can make you feel young again.

It’s one of the best health and fitness programs available, and it has been with us for centuries. Discover what everyone else has with martial arts, and equip yourself properly in the fight against aging.

The reality is, getting your health together is the right direction. And there are so many ways you can slow down signs of aging. Today, Evolve Daily shares five reasons martial arts is one of the best ways to do just that.

1) Intense Physical Exercise Slows Cell Aging

The cells in your body undergo the aging process much more quickly if they aren’t constantly engaged. The human body adapts to the constant use of cells and its regeneration, allowing us to produce new cells. Through martial arts, we are able to rebuild our bodies and bring us to our peak physical form.

Consistent physical exercise is known to slow down cell aging. It doesn’t just make you look and feel younger, it may actually turn off the aging process in your chromosomes. Telomeres, or the caps at the end of chromosomes that control aging, become shorter as we age. Longer telomeres are usually associated with longevity.

Through martial arts training, we are constantly engaged in intense physical exercise as we develop our muscles and rid ourselves of harmful toxins. Moreso, martial arts trains the entire body and is perfect at keeping physical exercise from becoming bland and boring.


2) Reduces The Risk Of Developing Conditions As We Get Older

Martial Arts Gym

A martial arts gym is a place to push yourself to the limit while having fun.

It’s no secret that, as we get older, we grow more susceptible to developing certain medical conditions. With age, we become more at risk of developing conditions such as arthritis, cardiovascular or heart disease, mental and emotional incapacity, loss of muscle mass, among others.

One way to combat these ailments and lessen the risk of these conditions is through regular physical activity. Research shows that regular physical activity can actually reduce the inflammation in the human body that is a common experience in aging.

The great thing is that martial arts is for everyone, no matter the age. Martial arts caters to all experience levels, whether you’re just starting out, or you’re an advanced practitioner. Through regular and consistent martial arts training, we make our bodies healthier with exercise.


3) It Keeps Your Metabolism Firing

As we get older, we experience a sudden dip in our metabolic rate. We have to exercise much more just to keep it going. That wasn’t the case when we were younger, when we barely had to lift a finger just to lose a couple of pounds. With age, it gets harder to burn fat because our metabolism slows.

Martial arts can fix metabolic problems quite easily. By training our bodies to accustom to the rigors of martial arts training, we keep our metabolism constantly firing. Martial arts is one of the most intense physical exercise routines you will ever experience. Some martial arts, such as Muay Thai, can even burn up to 1,000 calories per one-hour session.

By increasing our metabolic rate through exercise, we are also able to burn more calories at rest. So even if we’re just sitting around doing nothing, we’re using up more energy because of our consistent martial arts training.


4) It Helps You Relax And Get Your Mind And Body In Sync

Martial arts isn’t just an intense physical workout routine, it is also an exercise of the mind. A great deal of martial arts has to do with the mental aspect of combat discipline. Martial artists are taught to harmonize the human body and the mind, before, during, and after training. Meditation is a common component.

By allowing you to get your mind and body in sync, you connect with yourself on a much deeper plane of thought. Having your body and mind move in harmony will only bode well for your overall health. Martial arts is the perfect workout to train both your physical and mental capacity.


5) Fights Water Retention And Gives Us Tighter Looking Skin


Friends will help motivate and push you through your martial arts class.

Lastly, martial arts training is known to produce epic amounts of sweat. When you workout intensely, we lose a lot of weight due to the amount of sweat we produce. Contrary to popular belief, sweat isn’t just water weight because human sweat is also comprised of your body’s salts, sugars and tiny molecules of fat.

Sodium, of course, leads to water retention, which in turn makes people look bloated and fat. When human beings consume high levels of sodium, the body tends to retain a lot of water which produces unpleasant, tired looking skin.

Martial arts is such an intense workout that it makes you sweat tremendously, thus expelling all these excess salts. The result is more vibrant and tighter looking skin that makes us look and feel younger.


So, if you’re looking for a way to get in the best shape of your life and look and feel younger martial arts is for you! Give it a try by signing up for a complimentary trial class today!


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